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US government proposes law making it illegal for them to kill you


August 7, 2012
Oxford, England

Last Friday, US Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced HR 6357, a bill which aims to ‘prohibit the extrajudicial killing of United States citizens’ by the federal government. In other words, in the Land of the Free, they need to pass a law to prevent the government from indiscriminately murdering its own citizens.

Now if this doesn’t give one reason to pause and consider the distortions of liberty that have taken place in western civilization, I don’t know what will. Think about it:

Does a free society send government hit men to eliminate anyone they perceive to be an enemy of the state?

Does a free society have hundreds of police agencies, each with the authority to deprive a man of his life, liberty and property in their sole discretion?

Does a free society have hundreds of thousands of laws, codes, rules, regulations, and policies which effectively criminalize nearly every aspect of one’s existence?

Does a free society lead the world in prison population?

Does a free society hunt down criminals and terrorists by treating its citizens like criminals and terrorists?

Does a free society tell its citizens what foods they are / are not allowed to consume?

Does a free society steal your money at gunpoint to buy bombs that they drop by remote control on brown people in faraway lands?

Does a free society debase its currency and plunder the purchasing power of its citizens?

Does a free society saddle unborn generations with obligations they never signed up to bear?

Does a free society award near total control of the economy, the money supply, and everything tied to it, to a tiny elite few?

Does a free society brainwash its citizens into believing that they live in a free society? (at least the Chinese know they’re not free…)

Ask yourself, are you really living in a free society? Are you free? If not, why not? What else could possibly be more important?

It takes courage to answer honestly. But once you realize the truth and begin to see the system for what it is, it can be a liberating and life-changing experience.

You’ll find that there are places where you can live free in this world. There are ways to preserve your dignity, your privacy, your livelihood. You’ll find that you can build great camaraderie and mutual trust with like-minded souls because you share the same values, not the same color passport.

My guess is that you’re reading this because you’ve already started down the road to freedom. But you might feel alone… intellectually isolated in a sea of automatons.

You’re not alone. More and more people are waking up every day and beginning to realize the incredible fraud that has been perpetrated against them. When enough of them figure it out, this system will be finished.

That’s why I fundamentally believe that today is one of the most exciting times to be alive since the French Revolution. And we’re just getting warmed up.

If you have any friends or loved ones who still exemplify that self-deluded, bombastic serf mentality, I encourage you to pass this along to them… and challenge them to answer honestly.

More to follow.

Our goal is simple: To help you achieve personal liberty and financial prosperity no matter what happens.

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About the author: Simon Black is an international investor, entrepreneur, permanent traveler, free man, and founder of Sovereign Man. His free daily e-letter and crash course is about using the experiences from his life and travels to help you achieve more freedom.

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  • GoodWill

    Dear Mr. Black,
    I’m a 50-year-old California public school chemistry teacher (experienced in construction). I have a wife and six young children. I recognize the truth of everything you’re saying.

    I’ve lived my life frugally and “by the rules”. But now my world has been turned upside. Our personal wealth has been frittered away (stolen) by government operatives and well-connected cronies through increased taxation, government-sponsored inflation, intentional devaluation of assets, socialization of (what should be) private losses, and over-spending by government entities on unjustified and profligate programs and pensions. I can’t keep up the inflation in price of all goods and services, even as everything I own becomes less valuable (and my pay stagnates).

    I see fraud, waste and abuse in every facet of government enterprise, including my own (public education). But what can I do about it?

    How can I (and my family) leave this system? Where would we go? What would I do for a living?

    (When I was younger, it was easy. I didn’t have seven other people to support.)

    I’ve lived in foreign countries (Chile, Guatemala) for extended periods. (I speak Spanish.) I loved Guatemala (for its almost non-existent government, beautiful landscape, and loving people). Even as a visitor (requiring a visa every six months), I felt truly “free” in Guate. 

    Modern Chile (you tell me) is now like the burgeoning U.S. of the 1950s. I knew it (30 years ago) to be an oppressive military regime, where people lived in crushing poverty. If I could move my family to Chile — a land geographically mirroring the entire western coast of North America — and be a functioning, independent, contributing member of that society , I would do it — to insure that my children would live free.

    But now we live from paycheck to paycheck. I do not have the resources to uproot and move my family somewhere else. I don’t even know what I would do (now at 50 years old). I’m too old to labor effectively in construction. And my family is too large for me to support on my own, (if I had to start over from scratch). I teach chemistry — a subject, I’m afraid, of little use to my “students” (some of whom, ironically, come from Guatemala!)

    In fact, I advocate that most teachers today are superfluous. Technology should render most “schools” obsolete. That schools remain “in business” on the public dime can only be explained by the fact that hundreds of thousands of career teachers like myself pay union dues that flow to supportive politicians who perpetuate this obsolete, unproductive, monopolistic and superfluous system. We comprise the “horse and buggy” cartel, doing everything in our power to prevent people from abandoning our “services” and going elsewhere.

    Our “business” needs to be “creatively destroyed”.

    Believing as I do that my job should be eliminated, how can I now presume to do it elsewhere? 

    What am I to do?

    I’m “stuck”.

    I don’t want to be this way. I yearn not to be a pawn, a peasant, a peon in the bi-factional political machine that masquerades as “self-government” in this wholly-owned subsidiary of Goldman-Sachs and well-connected elites formerly known as the United States of America.

    But I’ve become a “plantation slave”. I want to be free. But I can’t afford to escape now. And I did, I don’t know where to go — or what to do. I just can’t uproot my family, pile them into two vehicles and say “Okay, kids, we’re heading south” (or east, or north, or overseas).

    I don’t even know where to begin. It’s not about getting passports and visas and opening bank accounts for me. It’s not about protecting wealth or assets. I’m hopelessly dependent on “the system”.

    Do you have any recommendations for someone like me?

    –Will Carter

    • Paul Deplagne

      Bible : thou shalt not kill

      This rule is mandatory for all Jews, Christians and Muslims. 

      Your US system has been stealing from the honest middle class and giving to the filty rich protected by the governement. They told you that happiness was to buy everything with a loan or a credit card. What a farce. No chance, you played the wrong game and time has come to payback. We, in Europe, decided like Canadians and British to spend our major efforts into social welfare then defense and aerospace. That choice has the advantage that we lived with the true Christians values which should reach politics as well. And when things go bad, we have a social net still in action and truly helping people. And I can get cured in a hospital for free and our doctors are the best in the world according to the UN. So far so good for a small country that came out of the ashes of the second world war.
      My father who used to live in Venezuela because he wanted to flee the high income taxes of Europe like so many hidden in South America. Because, like so many rich vets, he sold too many steroids to athletes and military men. He came back to Europe when he realized that his paradise turned into a nightmare when he needed an eye operation. 

      It is about time that USA turns towards a more humanist strategy and one is to ban killing its own people. Killing people through war, espionnage or justice is a crime and a deadly sin for those who believe in Christianity. 

    • Denny

       Bloom where you’re planted, Will.  You are a treasure trove of freedom information that is vital to the young minds you have custody of–full-time for your own six children, an hour or so a day for the kids in your class.  Even in chemistry class you can find moments where a cogent comment can catalyze a thought process that generates moral light and heat in those young minds. 

      Home school your own kids, at least in a few critical subjects such as monetary history, Austrian economics political philosophy, logic, etc (you know–the subjects the state schools don’t teach because such knowledge is like silver bullets to a vampire.  Hmmm…good analogy, actually!).  It sounds like your wife may be a stay-at-home parent.  If so, she has tremendous online and outside-the-state paradigm resources for homeschooling, unschooling, etc…for free!  But you’re a professional educator and have many hours in a week to spend with your own kids.  Take advantage of that time.

      You have friends and teaching associates, many of whom will be open to libertarian/anarcho-capitalist concepts, some even burning for liberty and freedom from state domination.

      Finally, never forget that the state only exists by the support of its subjects.  Withdraw the support and it will collapse under its own weight.  Direct confrontation is futile, as several on this comment lists have pointed out, but it is unnecessary.  Simply withdraw your support in any way possible and you can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing something positive, no matter how small. 

      But lose the loser attitude that several replies here have demonstrated.  That comes from listening to the MSM and the statist whipped dogs who want to drag you down with them.  Get creative, get educated, get free!

      –Denny Jackson
      Independence, OR

  • http://profiles.google.com/markus4caz Mark James

    Simon, on a related subject, I have recently come across an organisation called “The Republic for the United States of America”. They have a president and full executive structure (allegedly), and their claim is that the present US Government is in fact a corporation, and that the Republic for the US of A is the legitimate government.

    My sense is that this is a bunch of whackos with no legitimacy whatsoever, but on the other hand, uprisings against tyrannical governments have to start somewhere, so why not this mob?

    Any ideas?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Smith/100002359397419 Paul Smith

       Isn’t it true that ‘We The People’ determine who has legitimacy, Mark?  Isn’t it true that the bunch in Washington are corrupt and evil?  If ‘We The People’ cast our fortunes and our lives behind the Republic for the US of A, doesn’t that make them legitimate?

    • Smith

      ” united states” should NOT be capitalized, that’s why WE’RE  a Corporation

  • blind justice

    Where I live now, yes I’m a free man =)

    Best decision of my life, and I’m out of the USA ;)

  • Arctic Patriot

    “You’ll find that there are places where you can live free in this world.”

    I object to the implication behind this statement.  One can live free no matter where one is physically, if one is willing to stand firm.  The thought that one must cut and run out of the country and then proceed to imply to all of us Americans that we must do likewise to be truly free is defeatist and will result in a self-fulfilling prophecy scenario.

    Of course if everyone who desires freedom cuts and runs, tyranny will reign.  Only when men stand and refuse to bend can freedom reign.

    Leaving the country is not a way to “live free”.  It is merely a way to submit to the laws of a different government that appeal more to one’s sensibilities.  It is ultimately a comfort issue.  One DOES NOT gain freedom by moving away.  One gains freedom by claiming it and standing upon it.

    I have no desire to cut and run.  This is my land, my country, my nation.  Time is short, and we need everyone here for this fight. 

    Please quit running and telling everyone else to run.

    Come home and help your countrymen stand.  I value my nation and my countrymen much more than I value my comfort and whatever superficial benefits might come from living elsewhere, under the yoke of a slightly less oppressive government.

    My fathers died to make this country free from the yoke of the one from which you wrote this article.

    I refuse to spit on their graves by dishonoring what was bought with their very lifeblood.

    • J Blair

       how are you and 10 other guys going to take on the us military and FEMA?

      • Ilivefreeordie

        How did less than 10% of the Colonists beat the most fearsome military in the world?

      • laurentien

        With the help of France.

      • dubld

        Thank you for clarifying this historical fact. 

        It isn’t talked about much in country music lyrics and thus is unknown to others here.

      • Capn_Mike

        Yep, but there had to be someone to bring the French in…

      • JimBass56


    • Charles

      Talk is cheap and we all know it’s too late. Times change and just go along with it. You will never beat a powerful well equipped army with your deer rifle. Sorry to wake you up.

      • JimBass56

        Yep, that powerful well-equipped Army in Afgahnistan sure has had a wasy-ass time of it for the last 10 YEARS+ against those grubby herdsmen with old rifles. Going along with it is for spineless pussies – like ‘good Germans’ in ’38.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rand-Allan/1556451159 Rand Allan

       Be careful on applying your own interpretation to a comment before carefully analyzing the context. It can certainly mean other countries and it is certainly true. However, in The Sovereign Man and many other web sites, the term “in this world” is also used to mean “in this society where we live”. There are plenty of things you can do to not participate in the amoral rules of this govt. It takes planning and it takes a willingness to stand up and pay the price when threatened. A benign example is pulling up to a signal late at night when the light is red. The good little slave will sit there and wait all night if the light doesn’t change. The free man who thinks for himself will look to see if there is any traffic (or cops waiting to entrap you) then cross against the signal.

    • dubld

       Call me unmoved. 

      A nation is nothing but a collectivist concept. 40% of my countrymen live off of money stolen and redistributed from me.  My only bond with them is one of parasite and host, not proud countrymen.  And beyond the Revolutionary War what freedom was bought with anyone’s lifeblood?   The Civil War was an act of treason, WWI and WWII vets fought socialism then came home and welcomed it into their homes (that’s for you too JimBass).  This tells me that they didn’t even know who their enemy was, but rather just shot at whoever they were told to shoot at out of a blind devotion to the same idiotic patriotism that oozes from your post.  I’m sorry if you choose to live in denial of the fact that your ‘fathers’ were such dupes.

      Nobody is running from some arbitrary concept of tyranny.  They are running from AMERICANS!   “Tyranny” doesn’t start and support our illegal wars, AMERICANS do.  “Tyranny” doesn’t steal from our paychecks, AMERICANS do.  And AMERICANS shamelessly accept that stolen money.  “Tyranny” hasn’t devolved our political system into a phony one agenda dog and pony show, AMERICANS have.  And at every step they have justified it with the same brainless appeal to patriotism that you do.  And should I choose to “stand firm” against AMERICANS perpetuating these acts of force and aggression against me, AMERICANS will put me in prison. 

      Stop being such an idiot.  Sorry to put it so bluntly, but YOU are everything that those of us leaving are hoping to leave furthest behind.  The self righteous, brainwashed idiot American, whose entire worldview is the lyric to country music song. 

      You have lost.  Your father has lost.  His father lost.  We have all lost.  Escaping with our lives is all we have left.  PLEASE do stay.  The distance between us is our precise intent and purpose.   JBlair gets it…

    • TV

      We belong to a group that is doing something positive…

    • http://www.facebook.com/taylore.vance Taylore Vance

      I agree! We must help wake up our friends and neighbors. We can stand together. If we run — we will be running forever…

  • more to it?

    If there was something to be implicated by the passage of this law, what would it be? :

    “Now that our federal government is not legally allowed to kill it’s own citizens, the citizens don’t need guns anymore to protect themselves from the government?”    

    The timing of this bill is suspicious.  There has to be some motivating factor behind the creation of this bill.  I don’t trust that it is merely to establish what the context of the new law would be.  Not after everything else that our executive and legislative branches have been doing “on our behalf” during the past decade.

    Not to mention, when would the federal government have been able to kill it’s own citizens in the past and present?  If a federal agent was using deadly force in the same manner any law enforcement officer would against a person during certain criminal activities, wouldn’t that be justified?  Why would it want to take that power away from itself?  In such a circumstance, deadly force would actually be protecting other people from the criminal and their acts, no?

    Or is this to “undo” some clause in the most recent NDAA law that allows the feds to eliminate any person it determines to be a domestic terror threat?

    I just don’t get it, I must be missing something.

    • Capn_Mike

      I just think that DK is a decent human being. That’s why he’s been purged by the Dem. Party. He’s been re-districted into non-existence. That alone tells you he’s a good guy. Deluded socialist, perhaps, but a decent guy.

  • J Blair

    the people VS the evil government drama has no real meaning. I used to be a 911 truther, patriot, etc. But I realized that in this world, nearly everyone is in on the kill. How many people have been killed by corporations poisoning our food supply? How many lives have been lived in misery and cut short due to the fact that we buy products from Walmart made by slaves, or Apple computers where the suicide rate in the manufacturing plant is epidemic? How many millions of women and children has our military killed while americans proudly display “Support our Troops” bumper stickers? How many lives have been lived in sickness and squalor because employers pay a pittance minimum wage? Who is going to help a sick person who lost their work and their home?

    This world is a place of prey and predator. Human life means nothing really. People are expendable and the common moral code supports using them as resources to be exploited and allowing them to die when they fail to win at the money game.  All apparency of morals and decency are pretense.

    But what we have going on in the patriot movement is simply a reaction to discovering that you’re on the prey end of the equation rather than the predator end. So we make noble sounding noises about the “founding fathers”, etc. and its really nothing more than American Exceptionalism at play.

    This is a world of pimps and hoes. nothing more. The elite are not doing anything to us that we, in the vast majority, have not done to others.

  • Charles

    It’s too late for Americans, why even bother fighting? You can’t beat the government with your pea shooter against F-16, F-18, F-22, Apache, Abram tanks. Just accept it.

    • 1XXX

      Interesting how effective those goat-herders in Afghanistan are with their pea-shooters.

      Nobody is unbeatable or invulnerable.

  • Gil

    Gee, even the Founding Fathers believe the government had the right to execute traitors.  Yes, a homegrown terrorist ought to have no special rights over a foreign-born terrorist.  You make or advocate war against the U.S. you become an enemy combatant and lose your right to life without a trial.  Simple.

    • Guest

      The “U.S.” is a legal fiction used by sociopaths as fig leaf under which to exersise their coercive powers over society. Only when you grasp this will you come to understand the moral depravity of coercive government.

      • Gil

         Pffff.  The U.S. is a reality.  Santa Claus is fiction.  You can call the U.S. government evil as much as you want but if you try to get violent against them they’ll strike back.

    • Keyser Soze

      Now all they have to do is say that you are a terrorist and drop a drone bomb on your head.  People will celebrate your traitorous death and wave flags.

    • jim55

      Gil, you make it sound so simple. One little thing you forgot to mention, is that an individual should have the right of habeas corpus before being labled a traitor or terrorist.

      • jim55

        Oh, you did mention “without a trial”, sorry, even worse.  An individual should have the right of habeas corpus before being labled a traitor or terrorist. That is a natural right in a free society. I believe that was the authors point.It seems you are more comfortable under tyranny, so maybe you shouldn’t reference the founding fathers when you comment on this subject.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rand-Allan/1556451159 Rand Allan

       Gil, the important difference is that the Founding Fathers had the decency to give their traitors a trial to establish their guilt. The Obama regime didn’t even give him that benefit. He served as jury, judge, and executioner. If you want freedom, you have to be willing to extend those rights to everyone, even the ones you believe don’t deserve it or that live in a foreign country. Otherwise,ones professed believe in liberty is a sham, and you’re willing to suspend freedom for all in your quest for safety. I would rather be free in a dangerous world than be a slave to the govt in a safe world.

      • Gil

         Not necessarily.  If an armed burglar is in your house you don’t have to risk your life trying to capture him – you can shoot him dead.  Said terrorists would have to wave the white flag and surrender themselves but while they’re hiding their fair game.

    • crosby.joshua

      If you have a natural right to life, how can opposition to men depriving you of it, constitue forfeiture of it?  Your objection reveals that you believe 537 people in one city has a primary right over your existence.  Whether you would state it that way or not makes no difference.

    • Jimbobla

       Gee Gil; Barry sitting up in the Oval Office deciding who is and who isn’t a terrorist and therefor deserves to die does not comfort me that justice is being served. Rights are rights without qualification. The right to life being the first and foremost. Barry The First has not been deified yet, and you are an idiot. I can accuse you of this without you having to worry about a drone firing a missile up your incredibly large keister. If Barry thinks this of you, start worrying.

      • Gil

         You have no “right” to life but a choice to defend it or not.  If you and your buddies feel aggressed against then you and your buddies can see if you can storm the White House and drag Barry & cohorts out.

    • dalex

      You’d make a great tyrant…  As far as I’m concerned EVERYBODY has a right to trial; it’s a human right, not a political one. You’d put a single politician (or group of military men) in charge of deciding who lives and dies? Crazy! You’re not the kind of American that our forefathers envisioned.

      • Gil

         You’d make a terrible militia fighter.  If your Libertarian society is attacked by invaders and you’ll think you have to capture each soldier and give them a trial before you shoot back because anything else is injustice?  Puh-lease!  Yes, the U.S. President is the Command-in-chief .

      • JustThinkingLogically

         Kind of like how the number of unmanned drones launched against Pakistani targets has grown substantially during the Obama administration.  Like it or not, there were a lot of people there that could be found guilty by association, not that they did anything illegal themselves except were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

        Maybe some of those killed were just trying to get a job to feed their families.  Under our current understanding, this is punishable by death?

        The government is not your friend.

    • dubld

      Where’s the part where you PROVE he’s a terrorist?

      How about I just call you a terrorist?  Just that easy huh?

      “If you see something say something” right? All this talk you’re doing about executing people is making me a little uneasy…

    • JustThinkingLogically

       Gee Gil, maybe you should consider that the definition of “traitor” is fungible.  That is, it’s defined as anything the government says it is.  Don’t follow all the tens of thousands of laws?  You’re an enemy of the state.  Forget disagreeing with what they’re doing to us, you can’t live a day in this country without breaking at least a few laws/regulations, etc.

    • Uncle Sam

       Even traitors have historically received trials.

  • Patriot

    The concept of trial by a jury or your peers evolved many years ago in our legal system for a very good reason. If you give the government the power to control its limitations, you have just given the fox the power to guard the chicken coop. This is complete insanity! It will be just a matter of time before those idiots who have given their government total control, will soon become the victims of their own asinine fantasy. Just ake a look at the Germans who idiotically gave Adolph Hitler total control with the asinine belief that he would protect them from life’s dangers. Millions of people dead and a country completely shattered by Der Furher’s psychotically insane fantasies! This is not my idea of “security”! It is time to recognize that the cure can be much worse than the disease!

  • joao cesar

    But a fascist such as you sure as ass doesn’t think it a fraud that you can shoot someone as long as they’re on your property and claim it’s self-defense.

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