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What is rapidly becoming the biggest danger to freedom

March 28, 2011
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

I had a really great weekend. Ernest Hancock, the of the libertarian radio show ‘Declare your Independence’ invited me to his 50th birthday party at his home in Phoenix after our interview on Friday; I happily accepted and hopped a flight.

I’ve met few people in my life who love freedom as much as Ernie does, and the people in his circle definitely fall in the pro-liberty camp.

I remember attending the Libertarian National Convention in 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia. I met Aaron Russo (who died just one year later), the filmmaker who produced ‘America: Freedom to Fascism’ and Michael Badnarik, who eventually secured the party’s nomination that year.

What struck me about the 2004 convention was that the attendees, while devout Constitutionalists and hardcore advocates for liberty, were mostly dreamers who were happy to simply complain about the rise of big government… but never take any action. It seemed like the entire thing was just an intellectual exercise, nothing more.

Conversely, I met some really fascinating people at Ernie’s party who understand that their freedoms and currency have been steadily eroded by the government, and they’re taking steps to reduce the risks.

Ernie himself has been raising livestock and cultivating a small garden; he already has his own water supply, and he has plans to install solar paneling soon.

These actions will increase his self-sufficiency and reduce his overall dependence on major systems (food, energy, water) which are controlled by a small, elite group of companies and heavily influenced by the government.

To a lot of people, it sounds crazy. “Grow your own vegetables?!?! You must be nuts!”

Sure, it might seem farfetched in western suburbia, but personal, small-scale agricultural production is still the norm in much of the world, from China to South America to Central Europe. One day (probably soon) these ideas will become the norm once again in the west.

I intend on taking the concept much further; I’ve written extensively, both in this forum and to Sovereign Man: Confidential members, about burgeoning plans to design a resilient community overseas.

This is a place that is capable of generating its own food, water, security, energy, and economic activity… and hence withstand major shocks to the system.

The best part about it is that, while casting a wide net, the community will attract people who share common values. It’s a heavy burden to go through life alone, especially in the Age of Turmoil. Developing strong relationships with people of similar mind is tremendously important.

On that note, I want to tell you about the biggest letdown of my weekend. I read an article in the New York Times about a man named Charlie Engle, 48, who was recently convicted, sentenced, and incarcerated in a federal prison for committing mortgage fraud– as a borrower!

The IRS moved heaven and earth to find something, anything, to put this guy in jail. They succeeded. The government’s star witness, a shady mortgage broker who himself had been convicted of fraud, asserted that Mr. Engle provided false information and overstated his income on a ‘stated income’ liar loan application. Pot. Kettle.

The jury didn’t buy it and acquitted Mr. Engle on the charge of providing false information. Yet somehow, they still managed to find him guilty for mortgage fraud (which is based on providing false information!)

The doublethink is unparalleled… and exceptionally unfortunate. It’s shocking to me how 12 Americans could side with the government and ruin this man’s life, and I think it’s a sign of things to come.

This is one of the biggest reasons why I think it’s important to build strong relationships– there is an overwhelming mass of people who are rapidly becoming a tremendous danger to freedom, happily towing the line and supporting Big Brother all the way in exchange for false promises of hope and prosperity.

That’s why, in the resilient community, the ‘community’ part (focus on building relationships) is just as critical as the ‘resilient’ part (focus on self-sufficiency and withstanding system shocks).

I’ve been talking over my plans and getting feedback this weekend with several friends of mine who are influential Atlas 400 members. More to follow soon.

Our goal is simple: To help you achieve personal liberty and financial prosperity no matter what happens.

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About the author: Simon Black is an international investor, entrepreneur, permanent traveler, free man, and founder of Sovereign Man. His free daily e-letter and crash course is about using the experiences from his life and travels to help you achieve more freedom.

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  • Stevekusaba

    Fantastic! I really love the spirit and direction of this writing. In the Musical The Centrifugal Satz Clock I am releasing this spring it has at the end a piece called A Land of Our Own and while secondary to the story it proposes much the same attitude. The idea is that rather than trying to change the world which is impossible the better thing to do is to create just one place that is free. Where everyone gives up on their form of group control and allows others to be left alone. Where there is no great ruling structure that micro manages everyone’s lives and business. No taxes, just fees for usage of services which are voluntary. Business is free to make money without the strangling control of an Uber-mafia. Individuals are free to seek out the life that best fits their profile. Such a place would be the most sought out place in the world because the wealth would grow there and individuals wanting personal freedom would flock by hoard. This would be a world changer ultimately because its example would spread due to success.

    And it would be by choice that people would go there, if you like a large bureaucracy controlling everything and everyone you could just stay where you were.

    Great thinking and writing Simon!

  • Pd8dorcom

    Asking lovers and defenders of freedom to become “members” of something seems like a doomed effort. If they are willing to “join” they don’t understand freedom.

  • Bruce

    Interesting article. I have a 100 acre farm in Texas that is really remote. Currently have built a large barn with room for 3 br. Plumbed in water (well) and sewer (standalone) for at least 2 rv hookups. Barn good for all of family plus and both best friends have bought rv’s. Have tractor & implements. Storing food and ammo (retired army) and reloading supplies. Next will be smoke house (deer and wild hogs abound) and orchard. Looking into renewable energy but getting discouraged. Too inefficient and expensive. Any advice on that appreciated.
    Have To Burn The Stump And Sift The Ashes To Find Me In Texas

  • Avatarfin

    The reason a jury would convict someone of mortgage fraud as a borrower is all because of the media(mostly television). amerikans are so brainwashed and hypnotized by the gummint’s bullshit propaganda because they’re constantly watching the idiot box, and believe whatever they see there. They can’t tear themselves away from it, totally addicted. I haven’t watched tv in 5 years, and I feel so much better and have so much more time for real things since I quit. I highly recommend it to everyone.

  • kent

    What caught my attention in this article was your statement of “the importance of building strong relationships”. I agree these relationships are essentials as we look at protecting our individual and family rights. I am blessed to have built a relationship with the largest network of Attorneys in the world. They are available to me on an immediate basis for an incredible $.58/day. This is an extreme comfort to have in my wallet


  • http://profiles.google.com/jim.nicol Jim Nicol

    Simon, your thinking is dead on! Appreciate the article, and keep up the great work. By the way, what location do you have planned? I remember either yourself, or one of your counterparts were recently in the Philippines. Would this be a possible location? I ask because my wife and in-laws are from the Philippines. Look forward to hearing/reading more of your information. Thanks again!

  • Gomer Wumphf

    It’s time to build a Conservative/Libertarian, location independent, borderless
    virtual community. As a Conservative/Libertarian I do not want to patronize businesses owned by leftists or support our increasingly Marxist government in any way I can possibly avoid. In my opinion Conservatives need to focus on values, family, health, Conservative/Libertarian Community, and maintaining independence. We should network, adapt a minimalist approach to consumption, educate our kids, develop location independent skills, disburse assets geographically, acquire at least one additional passport, get light and mobile, preserve and promote our values and support those who do likewise.

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