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One of the best gifts you can give to your children

Citizenship is a funny thing. We’re born, and we’re citizens of a country. It’s a complete accident that we have absolutely no control over.

Think about it: In many countries, simply by virtue of being born, you might have been signed up for a lifetime of obligations and responsibilities — taxation, military service, paying down debt inherited from previous generations, and so on… none of which you volunteered for.

It’s a bizarre system… thrusting obligations onto human beings because they happened to be born on a particular piece of dirt.

In some cases, though, you can use this system to your advantage. Because, while you can’t control where you were born, you can absolutely control where your children are born. And if you strategically select the birthplace of your children, you can set them up for a lifetime of benefits.

Brazil is a great example

For the most part, any child born in Brazil is automatically a Brazilian citizen… which makes them entitled to a Brazilian passport. The icing on the cake is that if you, as the parent of a Brazilian child, live in Brazil for roughly one year, you can also qualify to apply to become a naturalized Brazilian.

And having a Brazilian passport is HUGELY beneficial.

First of all, it’s one of the most valuable travel documents in the world. Everyone loves Brazilians; they can go all over the world visa-free. President Obama has even put Brazil on the list of countries which will soon be part of the US visa waiver program.

Second, it’s easy to blend in. This country is full of nearly every race imaginable. It would be pretty hard as a pale-skinned gringo to pass as Cambodian, or as a dark-skinned Indian to pass as Bulgarian. But Brazil is such a huge melting pot, anyone can pass as a Brazilian.

Third, Brazil has a very unique status in the world in that they will not extradite citizens to foreign countries. If you or your kid end up on the wrong side of some bureaucrat’s list in North America or Europe, you’ll always have a place to hide out, worry-free. I can certainly think of worse places to live out my days.

Most importantly, though, being a Brazilian citizen entitles you to live, work, and enjoy all the incredible opportunities of this thriving country.

Undoubtedly, Brazil is on its way to becoming one of the most important economies in the world. Its trend is rising. The trend in the west (US, Europe) is falling. Simple. Having the option of being able to live, work, and do business here is an extraordinary benefit.

One fortunate thing is that there are few people thinking about this right now. The market for citizenship is like the market for anything else… there’s supply and demand. When demand is high, the ‘cost’ goes up. With citizenship, that means more time, more bureaucracy, and a higher barrier to entry.

Right now the demand for citizenship in Brazil is low. Few people are thinking about this… which means the ‘cost’ is low. You can apply for naturalization in as little as a year, and there are dozens of backdoor loopholes to qualify.

I have to imagine that the day will come, however, when people from all over the world will travel to Brazil in order to give birth… analogous to the way migrants from Central America and Mexico would travel to the United States.

As this happens, the ‘cost’ of acquiring citizenship in Brazil is going to increase. Big time. The government will pass all sorts of new laws and regulations, making it much more difficult.

This is definitely something to think about, especially if you’re considering having children. After all, your kids have to be born somewhere. And if you put some serious mental energy behind this and plan strategically, you could set them up for life.

Our goal is simple: To help you achieve personal liberty and financial prosperity no matter what happens.

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About the author: Simon Black is an international investor, entrepreneur, permanent traveler, free man, and founder of Sovereign Man. His free daily e-letter and crash course is about using the experiences from his life and travels to help you achieve more freedom.

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  • Kiwi

    If Brazil is SO great as you described, tell me why there are so many Brazilians moved to live in Queenstown, New Zealand thanks to NZ’s loosened immigration policy several years ago and desperately want to have a NZ passport in order to move to Australia???

  • Kiwi

    If the US is SO bad as you keep writing throughout your blog, why do you still keep your US citizenship and passport? You have multiple citizenships and hence passports, right? If you give up your US citizenship, you can save tons of taxes, right? If Brazil is SO good, why do you build your “community” in Chile, not in Brazil?

    Brazilians “can go all over the world visa-free”, really? They told me they need visas to USA and Canada and Australia…..!

    • John Pitt-Rivers

      Who cares about the has been-US bull…

  • John Pitt-Rivers

    Brazil, country of the future!

  • Gerard

    How much money per year would need to be shown to support a Brazilian child?, thus acquiring citizenship (in one year?)

  • JOhn

    One clarification that is needed. You are NOT automatically a citizen of the country you were born in. You are a Denizen. That is an individual that was born on a particular soil. A citizen is something you have to sign up for – or your parents do.. The key to gaining a citizenship is you birth certificate and then your social Security Number, thus opening a commercial entity (ALL US citizens and citizens throughout the world are commercial entities) on your behalf and requiring that you “care and feed” it according to the contracts you signed when you applied.

    I have often wondered that if we do indeed have to freedom to travel, then why is it we need to ask permission from our government to do so? (Having a passport is permission to travel)

    There are many things that have been brought in below the radar so we won’t notice. That’s the way Governments do things…. If it were the LAW to have a Social Security Number (or SS# in Canada or any official government number throughout the world) then you would be given it and there would be no forms to fill out.

    Hospitals are “Ports of entry” and a Child comes into the world to a “Berth” from the “Dock”tor. Sign up for these documents and you are giving your child up for adoption the day they are born.

    Best thing for the Human race is to abolish politics and borders. Get rid of the Politicians, hand everyone a laptop with internet connection so they can vote on the 20 questions every day to run the countries and the globe.

    But we have not been taught how to do that because we are programmed by a government entity through Government indoctrination centers (School) and then government pressure to “do as they say”.

    Please don’t believe what I am saying and look it up for yourself. If you name is spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, it is a military representation of the corporation assigned to you.

    It’s a choice we all have to make in life. And if enough of us choose freedom, the house of cards falls.

    Brazil!! Yes Man.

    Will be sailing there for the 2016 Olymipcs. Belize is a good rest stop for now…

  • http://www.facebook.com/sherryl.franklin.3 Sherry L Franklin

    Just today I read in the Miami Herald that Brazil’s economy is reaching a scary point with accumulated debt and the attitude of buy now, pay later. Sounds like the U.S. in the 80’s and 90’s.

    • Marcus Antonius

      True, as the US today is not able to pay now or later. Bankruptcy is inevitable.

  • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.kirk.10441 Christopher Kirk

    I’m in Sao Paulo now, and I can comment on a few of these things with some knowledge.

    Brazil is not a great passport to have, and many countries require visas for Brazilians, and they’re not always easy to get.

    Don’t believe that Brazil will never extradite you. You must have a child in Brazil in order to not be extradited, and even then, the rule of law does not exist in Brazil. Judges do whatever they feel like, and if they feel like extraditing you, they will. If you’re really wanted in another country, even if they don’t decide to extradite you or expel you, you can look forward to spending years behind Brazilian bars waiting on their court system to make a decision. On the lam from Johnny Law? Look elsewhere.

    True, anyone can LOOK like a Brazilian. That’s a benefit.

    Most important, look around Brazil with a careful eye. Nothing here works. Its economy is a sham. It’s ALWAYS been the over-hyped country of the future. It always will be. Everything’s broken and corrupt and the Brazilians, when they want to be honest about it, will tell you that. And it’s not like, for example, Colombia, where the people are aware of their situation and want to change it – in Brazil, they’re aware, and they DON’T CARE. All they care about is the next football game and the next party. And as foreign investors begin to realize there’s not much of value here, they’ll pull out, and the super-indebted Brazilians will tank their economy. And they won’t care about that, either. It would be terrible advice to recommend someone relocate here on the basis of Brazil’s economy. On the basis of getting drunk and laid, fine, but that’s all there is here. Don’t believe the hype.

    • Kiwi

      Excellent post! Well said!!!

    • Mohamad Azzam

      Brazil will give any child born on this soil a citizenship and passport? even if his parents are not Brazilians or living there? lets say they went there for tourism and the woman give a birth to child. He will be Brazilian? as what is happening in USA and Canada?

      • http://www.facebook.com/saira.azfar.3 Saira Azfar

        Yes Mmohammad Azzam. And not just the chiild but the whole family can get permanent residency . You can email these people for more details on current laws ,too : come2brazil2@gmail.com

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