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Don’t search Google unless you’re using THIS Internet browser


In today’s digital age, already billions of people around the world have all used Google. However, many people remain concerned with the amount of security and privacy they have when using the search engine. Both reputable companies as well as black hat operations are constantly trying to harvest unsuspecting users’ personal information. United Press International reports on Mozilla’s latest update to their Firefox web browser and how it can protect you whenever you perform a search on Google:

Mozilla says it has begun distributing its latest version of the Firefox browser with a new feature that will encrypt all Google searches by default.

The security feature in Firefox 14, dubbed HTTPS Google Search, can shield users from advertisers or hackers that harvest data about users or attempt to modify their search results, ZDNet.com reported Tuesday.

“Encrypting our users’ searches is our next step into giving users better control over their data online,” Mozilla said in a statement.

“Enabling HTTPS for Google searches helps Firefox users maintain better control over who sees things they search for — queries that are often sensitive,” it said.

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    curious, did your google rankings suffer after this post?

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