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Putin brings back KGB style tyranny

Police forces on Bolotnaya square ready to action

Tyrannical regimes have been nothing new in our global history but for some countries, government suppression is more of a motif than others. When Cold War ended in 1989, many people saw it as an opportunity to westernize Russia and bring civil rights reforms to a historically oppressive society. Unfortunately, under Vladimir Putin’s return to power, KGB like policies and tyranny have come back as well. The Telegraph reports on the decline Russian civil liberties:

Apologists for the Kremlin are struggling. The Russian regime’s dogged defence of the blood-drenched Syrian dictatorship, and its persecution of the Pussy Riot musicians for their stunt in Moscow’s main cathedral, display its nastiest hallmark: support for repression at home and abroad.

Mr Putin’s return to power has eclipsed the liberal-sounding talk of his predecessor as president, Dmitry Medvedev. Russia’s leader has in recent weeks signed laws that criminalise defamation, introduce £6,000 fines for participants in unauthorised demonstrations, require non-profit outfits financed by grants from abroad to label themselves as “foreign agents”, and create a new blacklist of “harmful” internet sites.

Also a distant memory is Russia’s “reset” with America, which was supposed to herald a new era of cooperation. Since Mr Putin’s return, Russia’s foreign-policy rhetoric has been venomously anti-Western. It recently warned Finland, with startling bluntness, to stop working with Nato. The hostility is still largely a one-way street. Western companies grovel before Mr Putin (he recently kept oil-industry chiefs waiting for hours in an airless room with no chairs; they uttered not a squeak of complaint).

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  • Ozawa

    Are you serious? The Anglo-American Empire is where things are lousy, and going to hell in a handcart. Russia is mediocre, but supporting Syria is necessary to avoid the move to a huge war and a horribly fascistic system. The West is funding and providing weapons to insane crazies of an Islamic Charles Manson type and shipping them in. The West is wild and in full collapse, while others are trying to not go down with the Titanic. Things like the new law requiring NGOs to list what foreign funding they are receiving is perfect justice, as these fronts for the CIA/military/banking cartels have been screaming about transparency for years.

    Anyway, this article is like saying Switzerland was lousy or racist when discussing Nazi Germany and Switzerland. Relative to what?

  • b obama

    seems to me that britain is stuffed to the rafters with charitable trusts and foundations which wield enormous power and are accountable to no-one.
    we need to label them what they are- jewish instruments of mass destruction.

    what putin is doing isnt tyranny, its nationalism.

    rothschild, rockerfaller, goldman-sachs and the lovely george soros are in the final days of their lives. dead men walking.

    the joke is, they made their european and north american move too soon. putin the god child will save the earth and christianity.

    i suggest Shayetet 13 root out these people before they reflect on the long suffering israelies and another hitler comes along.

    the united nations need to be dismantled forthwith as do the league of nations and the eu.

    we need to back syria and assad against al -quaeda.

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