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Is this what they mean by “Democracy is under attack” ?

Today’s missive looks a bit different from our normal Friday roundup. As you probably know, a few big rulings came down from the United States Supreme Court over the past 24 hours– one on gun control, the other on abortion. Predictably, the rulings were accompanied by a great deal of noise and outrage.

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Portugal introduces new Jobseeker Visa in 2022

Looking to move to Portugal and work there, but don’t have an offer of employment yet? Thanks to the introduction of a new jobseeker visa category, you’ll soon be able to enter the country for up to six months while you look for employment. Let’s get into the details below… Considering Portugal as

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Single people can use this unique Plan B option…

One of the most powerful steps you can take for your Plan B is establishing a second residency in another country. Obtaining residency in a foreign country doesn’t mean that you have to move anywhere. What it does mean is that you’ll have at least one more place in the world where you’re

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Cyprus Residency By Investment Program 2022

Getting PERMANENT Residency By Investment in Cyprus

Looking for an alternative to the Portuguese Golden Visa in an idyllic island location? Offering residency for up to THREE generations of family members with a single €300,000 investment, Cyprus’ Residency By Investment program packs a punch. Let’s get into the details below. The Republic of Cyprus is an island nation situated in

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New Zealand to tax farm animals’ flatulence…

This Friday we’re focusing on ridiculous stories around the world that will make the inflation problem worse. New Zealand is proposing an absurd climate tax on farm animals (which will be inflationary on food prices). California is creating all sorts of insane new rules on businesses, which will make it more expensive to

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History is not on the side of the crypto’s grave dancers

On June 12, 1817 in the city of Mannheim, Germany, a local inventor by the name of Karl von Drais unveiled a brand new, futuristic invention he had just developed. It was called a laufmaschine, or “running machine” in German. And it was essentially the world’s first bicycle. There were no pedals, no seat,

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Welcome to Shrinkflation: Government Edition

After a truly wonderful event over the weekend in Austin, Texas with about 130 of our Total Access members, I hopped a plane to San Diego, California for a flurry of meetings today. It would be hard to imagine a nicer place. California has extraordinary nature, from its breathtaking coast to inland treasures

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Google Owes $500,000 for NOT Censoring Videos Criticizing a Politician

Here’s our Friday roll-up of the most ridiculous stories from around the world that are threats to your liberty, risks to your prosperity… and on occasion, inspiring poetic justice. Australia Orders Google to Pay Over $500,000 for Not Removing Video Throughout 2020, YouTuber Jordan Shanks posted videos making fun of the Deputy Premier

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Getting UK Citizenship By Ancestry is about to get easier in 2022

Got UK parents or grandparents, but previously weren’t eligible for UK Citizenship By Ancestry? Thanks to a number of significant incoming changes to the country’s citizenship law, you may soon be able to get your British passport after all. Let’s get into the changes below. Tens of thousands of additional people could soon

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