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Confused about China?

“Dear Simon- Jeff Clark from Growth Stock Wire recently wrote that ‘China is a fraud’ and that ‘If Americans aren’t buying big-screen TVs or $100 sneakers, Chinese stocks are ultimately headed for trouble.’  I would like your opinion on his view.” Great question. I like Jeff Clark and generally agree with his analysis…

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Asia has decoupled

I’m flipping through channels at 1am here in Seoul, and do you know what I see? Math problems– nutty professors, Korean-style, working out complex partial differential equations and geometric progressions with the intensity and flair of a concert pianist. In fact, it’s not just one channel… it’s five, roughly 20% of the entire

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Gold mania in China

Gold is quickly reaching the mania phase in China, and there are clear signs of it on the ground. About a month ago, we reported that for the first time ever, the Chinese government is promoting gold and silver as investments.  And by “promoting,” we meant cramming it down people’s throats. We knew

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Where to make a fortune in China

If you’re an entrepreneur and want to make an absolute fortune, you need to head to Asia. The last several weeks on the ground here have only reinforced my long-held premise that Asia’s economies represent vast, wide open potential.  These economies are growing, and shall continue to grow thanks to solid macroeconomic fundamentals

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China’s growth is real

There are a lot of people in the financial community, including a few notable figures, that are highly bearish if not outright suspect of China’s growth. I’m always puzzled by this opinion. I’ve been to the country several times before and keep regular tabs with influential players and insiders, and my own assessment

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Work with me 1 on 1

“Simon – Are you ever available for a consult? I have several business related questions I would like to review.” Each day, without fail, people ask if they can hire me to help them with their problems… these are usually unique in nature ranging from “I want to liquidate and move somewhere” to

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Hong Kong Gold

In full disclosure, I am heavily biased.  Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities in the world. Remember those ‘7 expat categories?‘ well, I am definitely a mix of several… maybe all. But Hong Kong ticks all the boxes for me, and always has– I’ve been coming here for years and love

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Singapore financial overview

I’ve explored Singapore in the past, but on this particular trip I really wanted to broaden my understanding of the country’s legal framework and financial infrastructure. With only 72-hours on the ground, I would have to work fast… so the trip was a whirlwind tour of bankers, lawyers, gold dealers, corporate secretaries, and

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Why Jim Rogers is right about Singapore

Two years ago, Jim Rogers sold his New York home, packed his bags, and left for Singapore.  If you spend no more than three minutes on the ground here, you will see why. For the internationalist, Singapore is as close to ‘perfect’ as could possibly be imagined:

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