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Peter Keusgen, a former McKinsey consultant and securities analyst, finds and analyzes private investment opportunities that aren't even on the radar of mainstream investors.

He spends his time between Asia, South America, Europe, and his native Australia meeting with highly motivated and exciting entrepreneurs.

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These guys are destroying Uber. Yet few westerners have ever heard of them.

[Editor’s Note: Peter K, the chief analyst of Sovereign Man’s private investment division, is filling in for Simon today.]

I’m visiting my brother in Indonesia right now.

Being a good host, he was fixing us vodka martinis, when he realized he ran out of olives.

Both of his drivers had finished for the day so I was expecting him to compromise on the olives.

No need.

He loaded up a[...] Click here to continue reading

Incredible opportunities in a hidden corner of the world

[Editor’s note: This email was written by Peter K, a former McKinsey consultant and securities analyst who now leads the private investment division at Sovereign Man.]

Simon Black sent me to the former Soviet republic of Georgia to spend some time on the ground conducting due diligence on some potential private investments.

Georgia is a fantastic country that Simon has been to several times, and the opportunities here are simply amazing.

It’s[...] Click here to continue reading