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The story of an insane lawsuit… and how you can avoid being a victim

My friend Michael is one of the most successful entrepreneurs I know. Several years ago Michael started an automated domain business that used software to buy domains, find the most likely buyer, and then sell them. For example, Michael’s custom software would buy, say, Then it would scan online domain records to

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You won’t believe this stupid new law against Cash and Bitcoin

This one is almost too ridiculous to believe. Recently a new bill was introduced on the floor of the US Senate entitled, pleasantly, “Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017.” You can probably already guess its contents. Cash is evil. Bitcoin is evil. Now they’ve gone so far to include

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The “justice” system killed this guy for stealing $14

During the winter of 1796, a Frenchman named Eugene Francois Vidocq was sentenced to eight years of hard labor after being convicted of document forgery. It was a remarkably harsh punishment for a non-violent crime, especially in Vidocq’s case as there was not even a victim. Yet this took place during the chaos

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