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This pretty much sums it up…

June 16, 2014 Shanghai, China According to a new Gallup pole, a record amount of Americans now disapprove of President Obama. Now, this is nothing new. Presidential approval ratings go up and down, and Mr. Obama has had a long-term slide thanks to… oh, I don’t know… a total avalanche of foul-ups ranging

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You might qualify for this. And it could be life-changing.

June 13, 2014 Rome One of the things I’ve concluded from traveling to over 100 countries is that human beings are largely the same everywhere in the world. Obviously, cultural differences abound. But from Saudi Arabia to Tanzania to Palau to Venezuela to Bangladesh, people everywhere love their children. They strive for happiness.

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Spanish Hapsburgs

Guess which empire came to an end today?

May 19, 2014 Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile In the early 16th century, a priest by the name of Fray Francisco de Ugalde remarked to his king that Spain was “el imperio en el que nunca se pone el sol”. In other words, the sun never set on the Spanish Empire. And by the

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Here’s how you get a free passport

April 17, 2014 Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile Today is a pretty great day for Team Sovereign Man. As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve got a very close-knit team down here in Chile– people from all over the world. They hail from places like Slovenia, Lithuania, Ukraine, New Zealand, Argentina, Thailand, etc. Now as we’ve

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This city should be on your radar

This city should definitely be on your radar

February 27, 2014 Medellin, Colombia $1 billion. That’s how much the old Medellin drug cartel under Pablo Escobar used to lose annually to rats that would eat the currency stored in their warehouses. At its height, the cartel was smuggling 15 tons of cocaine per year into the US. And its leader Pablo

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Americans who abandoned citizenship jumped 1,402% last quarter

February 10, 2014 Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile 631 people renounced their US citizenship in the 4th quarter of 2013. This is an entire order of magnitude higher than the 45 people who renounced in 4Q/2012. And in total, 3,000 Americans renounced their citizenship in 2013– another record high. The previous record (1,777) was

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This place is a Europe lover’s paradise in the middle of South America

February 4, 2014 Pucon, Chile In my travels to 100+ countries over the years, I’ve discovered that there is an indubitable abundance of great places to be. There are rapidly developing countries in Asia right now on the cusp of massive social and economic transformations, replete with huge opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs.

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The easiest place in the world to establish second residency

December 30, 2013 Santiago, Chile Recently, we’ve discussed several different economic citizenship programs around the world. And while these programs are not for everyone due to their higher costs, they have all surfaced at the same time, and I would be derelict in my duties to not to inform you about these options.

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Australian dollar

Perfect storm sending the A$ below 85c

December 18, 2013 Hong Kong   [Editor’s Note: Tim Staermose, Sovereign Man’s Chief Investment Strategist, is filling in today while Simon is scouting new agricultural properties.] Earlier this year I ate a $36 hamburger in Sydney. And after the sticker shock wore off, I wrote about the Australian dollar’s massive, obvious overvaluation. When

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No inflation to see here….

November 15, 2013 Bangkok, Thailand One of the biggest lies in finance is this perpetual deception that inflation is good. Ben Bernanke, the current high priest of US monetary policy, recently remarked that it’s “important to prevent US inflation from falling too low.” Well of course, we wouldn’t want that, would we? Just

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This one chart shows you who’s really in control

November 7, 2013 Bangkok, Thailand Check out this chart below. It’s a graph of total US tax revenue as a percentage of the money supply, since 1900. For example, in 1928, at the peak of the Roaring 20s, US money supply (M2) was $46.4 billion. That same year, the US government took in

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How much do you think this ocean view cost me?

October 30, 2013 Santiago, Chile [Editor’s note: Darren Kaiser, author of Sovereign Man’s Chile Property Investment Black Paper, is filling in today while Simon is en route to Asia.] Look around the world from an investment perspective these days, nothing seems particularly cheap. And finding safe places to park capital is a little

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Caught With Pants Down

Treasury’s deceit exposed by this ballsy government official

October 29, 2013 Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile Do you remember the $700 billion bailout of the financial system in 2008? It seems these days that most investors do not. People are partying like it’s 1929… as if all the issues and challenges that plagued the banking sector just a few years ago have

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At least now it’s obvious who’s really in charge

October 8, 2013 Sovereign Valley Farm, Pencahue, Chile It’s clear to everyone by now that the government of the largest country in the world is careening towards default in just over 200 hours. Yet curiously, even though the US government’s completely ridiculous, untenable fiscal situation is a front page embarrassment for the entire

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This place is like California in the 50s (PHOTOS)

September 27, 2013 San Antonio, Chile “It’s like the 1950s back in the US, but without the Soviets, McCarthyism, or the blatant racism.” That’s how an older gringo friend of mine once described his experiences and lifestyle in Chile. I think he’s spot on. For many westerners, it can really take some getting

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2,400 year old wisdom on the NSA, Edward Snowden, and gun control

August 27, 2013 Spoleto, Italy Nearly 2,400 years ago, Aristotle wrote one of the defining works of political philosophy in a book entitled Politics. It’s still incredibly relevant today, particularly what he writes about tyranny. The ancient Greeks used the word ‘turannos’, which referred to an illegitimate ruler who governs without regard for

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Is this the best safe haven for you and your family?

[Editor’s note: Darren Kaiser, author of Sovereign Man’s Chile Property Investment Black Paper, is filling in for Simon today from Santiago, Chile.] Chile has been a pretty nice place to be over the last few years, not just to live but also as an investment destination. Anyone involved in startup businesses or real

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What will future historians think of our time?

[Editor’s note: While Simon is tied up for the next few days, we’re sending out some of the most popular archives from the past four years of Sovereign Man. This column was originally published in 2012.] It wasn’t too long ago that renowned scholars invested their entire professional lives studying the “ethnic sciences”.

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MASSIVE jump in people who renounced US citizenship last quarter

August 8, 2013 Makarska, Croatia A massive 1,131 individuals renounced their US citizenship last quarter, according to data that has yet to be officially released (though I was able to procure an advanced copy). This is a HUGE jump. Compared to the same quarter last year in which 188 people renounced their US

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Who are you surrounding yourself with?

August 6, 2013 Makarska, Croatia One of the great privileges I’ve had each year for the last several years is hosting several dozen energetic young minds in the Lithuanian countryside for our annual Liberty and Entrepreneurship camp. This year’s camp just finished yesterday, and it was an amazing experience… the best one we’ve

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Tax Slave

US Senate to retroactively punish runaway tax slaves

June 21, 2013 Bio Bio Region, Chile Years ago, it was virtually unheard of for someone to give up his/her US citizenship. Then, one by one, a handful of famous cases surfaced… like Sir John Templeton, who renounced his US citizenship in 1964 and moved to the Bahamas. At the time, Templeton was

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Another clear sign: Chile to join US visa-waiver list

June 5, 2013 Santiago, Chile It’s really great to be back in Chile. Despite being early winter on this side of the earth, the weather in Santiago is still perfect. It’s a bright, beautiful, sunny day with fresh snow blanketing the nearby mountain peaks. My friends tell me that the ski slopes are

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Three Lessons

Three key lessons from recent travels around the world

June 4, 2013 New York City Greetings from New York. Or, New York’s JFK airport, rather. Having just been fondled by a government agent (who commented rather saucily that I’m ‘in top form’ as he molested me), I’m now comfortably settled in the lounge awaiting my flight to Chile whilst reflecting on my

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The story of things to come…

Reporting from Hanoi, Vietnam I’m not much of a fiction reader, but about two years ago a friend turned me on to a couple of books by Daniel Suarez– Daemon, and its sequel Freedom. I won’t ruin the plot, but it’s an excellent story with gripping insights into what the future could look

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Is this passport a total scam?

April 26, 2013 Koh Samui, Thailand The flight from Penang to Koh Samui is quick. And it’s incredibly cheap. Unlike their Western counterparts, Asian discount air carriers actually walk the walk. You can zip around the region for flights often costing just $50 to 100. And it’s well worth it, there is much

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When leaving is the only sane choice left…

April 25, 2013 George Town, Penang, Malaysia Though few people have heard of Penang today, it once ranked among the most opulent destinations in the world. Ceded to the British East India Company in 1786, Penang was a critical trading hub for European imperialists; it thrived as a free port along critical eastern

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“The battlefield is the United States of America”

April 24, 2013 George Town, Penang, Malaysia When you’ve got a guy like Senator John McCain who says “The battlefield is the United States of America,” it tells you that almost nothing is safe in the Land of the Free. Whatever remains of civil liberties is going to feel the full brunt of

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Price Controls Coming

The next shoe to drop: Internet sales tax to become reality

April 23, 2013 Phnom Penh, Cambodia Surprise, surprise… the completely insolvent US government has yet another idea to raise revenue in the Land of the Free: a new tax! The Marketplace Fairness Act was introduced some time ago, and we’ve discussed it before. But it’s now being rushed through Congress as quickly as

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The one thing that governments do really well–

April 22, 2013 Phnom Penh, Cambodia In the killing fields outside of Phnom Penh, you can still see bone fragments protruding from the ground. It’s harrowing to say the least. Roughly two million people were wantonly massacred in the 1970s under the rule of Pol Pot, decimating not only the population but also

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It’s still rock bottom cheap here…

April 19, 2013 Jakarta, Indonesia Whoever said “it’s a small world” never flew across the Pacific. The flight from Santiago to Sydney is a mind-numbing 14 hours. And then it’s another 8 to Jakarta. Yet along the way are vast stretches of civilizations, resources, and amazing opportunities. No, the world is a wonderfully

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Important lessons in domestic terrorism

April 18, 2013 Jakarta, Indonesia   In the first century AD, the Roman Empire was up to its eyeballs in domestic terrorism. The biggest threat was a tiny Judaic sect known as the Zealots who routinely conducted public attacks, even against other Jews who didn’t agree with their views. This is actually where

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The one reason why gold’s sell-off doesn’t matter…

April 15, 2013 Sydney, Australia Somewhere, Paul Krugman is smiling. The Nobel Prize winning economist, whose brilliant ideas include: spending your way out of recession borrowing your way out of debt conjuring unprecedented amounts of currency out of thin air without consequence staging a false flag alien invasion of planet Earth is perhaps

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Check out this billionaire’s New Zealand Hideaway

[Editor’s note: Tim Staermose, Sovereign Man’s Chief Investment Strategist, is filling in for Simon today from Bay of Islands, New Zealand.] The wealthy have been diversifying internationally for centuries. Baron de Rothschild famously sent four of his five sons to different points of the compass: one to London, one to Paris, one to

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