How To Get a St. Lucia Passport Through Their Citizenship By Investment Program

If you want to buy a passport, then NOW is the time to look into acquiring a second passport through citizenship by investment.

In the Spring of 2020, it became cheaper than ever before.

All the Caribbean citizenship by investment (CBI) programs are ON SALE right now and that means you could save over $100,000 today (more on that below…)

In this article, you’ll learn how to take advantage of this special situation to get an excellent St. Lucia passport through their citizenship by investment program.

It’s one of the cheapest citizenship-by-investment programs in the Caribbean for single applicants.

And if you’re married and/or have children, we’ll tell you which other island offers the cheapest second passport program for your entire family.

Compare ALL Citizenship-By-Investment Options At A Glance...

St. Lucia is not your only option

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Citizenship By Investment Program Comparison

It could potentially help you save tens — or even hundreds of thousands — of Dollars by picking the best passport for your personal situation at the lowest price.

Inside, you’ll find…

  • The differences between the programs (number of visa-free countries, price, investment options, taxation, …)
  • Which countries you can enter without a visa with each passport (and the differences between them)
  • And much, much more

Why you should consider getting a Second Passport & Citizenship

A second passport is, in essence, an insurance plan. In fact, a second passport is the ultimate insurance policy.

Think of it like any other insurance – like your home or car insurance. You might not ever need your home’s fire insurance, but having it gives you the peace of mind of knowing that if anything were to happen to your home, you wouldn’t be financially devastated.

But you don’t wait until a house is on fire to get insurance.

The same goes for citizenships. Having a second citizenship gives you the freedom of knowing that no matter what happens in your home country, you’ll always have another place to go live, work and prosper.

2020 has served up a global pandemic with extreme lockdowns and travel restrictions. And just as riots and civil unrest spread across the US, fewer countries than ever allowed Americans visa-free access.

But these countries still allow their own citizens in. A foreign passport allows you to get on a plane and go… no questions asked.

It’s not too late to take advantage of a second passport. Because unfortunately, the riots and Covid lockdowns of 2020 could only be a taste of the extreme unrest to come.

That is especially true if the economy cannot recover, or if the dollar suffers from the trillions of dollars being printed, or the massive debts of the US government.

Once you’re overseas, you can stay for as long as you like. You can work abroad, start a new business or even retire there. Most of the time, you’ll be able to purchase foreign property without much red tape.

And if you pick the right second passport, you could even save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes.

What Is Citizenship By Investment?

Citizenship By Investment is exactly what it sounds like: foreigners invest a certain sum of money in a country in exchange for citizenship and a passport.

Depending on the country, the investment amount can vary from just over $100,000 (St Lucia and Dominica) to over $2.5 million (Cyprus), plus applicable processing and due diligence fees.

Think of citizenship by investment as your shortcut to a second passport.

However, you’ve got to be careful– some of these shortcuts are MUCH better than others.

Whether you’re parting with a couple hundred thousand or a couple million dollars, you need to know exactly what you’re getting into.

For example, although these programs are collectively referred to as “investments”, in many cases you will not actually get your investment amount back.

It’s more accurate to refer to these programs as “citizenship by donation.” In other cases, however, you can get some or most of your money back and potentially even generate an investment return.

And by the way, you can apply for St. Lucia’s citizenship by investment from the comfort of your own home. That’s something productive and really useful you can get done while lockdowns keep you home.

Why Caribbean Passports Are On SALE Right Now

The history of many economic citizenship programs in the Caribbean can be closely linked to devastating tropical storms in the region because islands are particularly vulnerable to severe damage, and rebuilding infrastructure requires a lot of money.

The 2017 hurricane season was especially brutal in the Caribbean. Although the island of St. Lucia was not as damaged as others around it, revenues from tourism still declined significantly.

St. Lucia has two main sources of income: tourism and bananas. With those in jeopardy after the 2017 hurricanes, St. Lucia turned to another — relatively new — source of income… its citizenship by investment program.

Given the steep competition in the region for these programs (there are five active ones in the Caribbean alone), St. Lucia decided to slash its prices to attract applicants.

Then in Spring of 2020, Covid-19 happened, and the tourism industry came to a screeching halt.

Once again, St. Lucia slashed prices. (And so did some other Caribbean countries, more below…)

Covid-19 relief bonds are another way to gain citizenship by investment in St. Lucia.

You have to buy and hold a government bond of at least $250,000 for at least 5 years.

(As of right now this option will only be available until the end of 2020.)

After the return of that capital, without interest, you could get a passport and second citizenship from St. Lucia for as little as the filing fee, $37,500 for a single applicant.

Professional fees add another $5,000 to $25,000, depending on the provider. But Sovereign Man Total Access members, our highest tier service, can get a St. Lucian passport cheaper than anyone else in the world.

(We work with providers to cut the fees down to the bare bones, and return the government’s kickback to our members.)

However, you can still use the old discounts if you would rather not have $250,000 tied up in a government bond. But this means you won’t get your “investment” back.

This way, you can get a St. Lucia passport for just $109,500 (single applicant, plus fees)half of the original price.

Why Choose a Saint Lucia Passport?

Saint Lucia is an English-and-French-Creole speaking British Commonwealth in the Caribbean, famous for its volcanic mountains (It even has a drive-through volcano!).

It’s located just north of Venezuela in the far Eastern Caribbean, bordering the Atlantic.

Economically speaking, St. Lucia is a midrange island, neither as rich as the Bahamas nor anywhere near as poor as Haiti. It has a laid-back sensibility and is a real pleasure to visit.

But why pick Saint Lucia for your second passport?

For one thing, in 2020 the cost of St. Lucia citizenship is currently one of the cheapest among Caribbean citizenship by investment programs, especially for single applicants (i.e., those not applying with a family or other dependents).

A CBI program – also known as an economic citizenship program – allows you to quickly and legally acquire a second passport by making a donation or investment in that country. You basically purchase a passport — and you get it, fast.

Unlike naturalization programs, which require waiting times of several years (plus lots of hurdles to clear), investment citizenship programs can provide citizenship in just a few months.

St. Lucia has one of the newest CBI programs in the Caribbean; they started it in 2016 (In contrast, Saint Kitts, another island nearby, has had their program for decades.)

Before that, Saint Lucia, mostly relied on tourism, agriculture and light manufacturing to provide income for the island…

Soufriere Bay, Saint Lucia

(The tourism engine is big. American author James Michener once called Marigot Bay, part of St. Lucia, “the most beautiful bay in the Caribbean.” He was not off base.)

The economic citizenship program is indeed new, but the benefit of going with a relatively untested program is that they’ve studied what worked (and what didn’t) in other CBI programs and made theirs more efficient.

Additionally, there’s no massive backlog of applications, so yours won’t likely be bottlenecked.

If you’re single, you’re in luck: Saint Lucia’s citizenship by investment program is one the cheapest options for single applicants.

(The island of Dominica’s program is a thousand bucks cheaper, but the reputation of Dominica’s program is much worse, and we are not comfortable with it.)

But there are more benefits than just the low price of the passport:

  • Most likely, you won’t have to pay income tax there.

    Yes, St. Lucia practices residence-based taxation, and should tax you on your worldwide income if you live full-time on the island.

    However, you do not need to declare or pay taxes to St. Lucia if you don’t live there. Even if you live there (spend more than 183 days a year there) but keep your “permanent home” abroad, St. Lucia will tax you only on income generated within its borders.

    Only when you establish your permanent home in St. Lucia – buy a house, move your family, base all your economic activity there – do you become liable to also pay taxes on your entire worldwide income.

    But even then, St. Lucia will NOT tax your worldwide income if you do not bring it into the island.

    In other words, you will probably never pay a single dollar in income tax to St. Lucia.
  • There are also no capital gains or estate (inheritance) taxes.
  • Dual citizenship is recognized. You will not need to give up your current citizenship when you acquire a St. Lucian one.
  • You don’t have to visit St Lucia if you don’t want to as there is no residency requirement.

But remember...
St. Lucia is not your only option…

There are many more citizenship by investment programs both in the Caribbean and around the world that might be more suitable for your personal situation.

That’s especially true if you want to get a second citizenship for your entire family. You could literally save tens of thousands of dollars by going with a different program.

That’s why we created a comparison sheet that will give you a birds-eye view of the most important things you need to know about each citizenship-by-investment program…

  • The differences between the programs (number of visa-free countries, price, investment options, taxation, …)
  • Which countries you can enter without a visa with each passport (and the differences between them)

It could potentially help you save tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars by picking the best passport for your personal situation at the lowest price…

St. Lucia is the best option for single applicants going the donation route. And it is also the best option for singles and families purchasing Covid-19 relief bonds.

But when it comes to applicants with larger families interested in the donation option, Antigua and Barbuda is still the winner, offering the lowest prices.

Below we explain the four options for buying a second passport in St. Lucia in more detail.

Keep in mind that you’ll also have to pay a commission to a registered agent (a required middleman) who will lodge your citizenship application with the government.

You can choose to work with a world-famous service provider and pay tens of thousands of dollars in fees, or work with a much smaller firm and pay a fraction of that. The end result, however, will generally be the same – second citizenship and a passport.

If you’d like to get the government’s take on things, here’s the official site of St. Lucia ’s citizenship by investment program.

Option #1: Get a St. Lucia Passport by Donating to the National Economic Fund (NEF)

St. Lucia’s donation option is one of the best and cheapest second passport options for a single person right now in the Caribbean.

Unless you’re planning on living in St. Lucia full-time, gaining citizenship through buying property might not make as much sense as just donating to the National Economic Fund.

And again, this option is a much cheaper economic citizenship route:

Instead of buying a property for $300,000, plus $59,500 in government and processing fees (for a single applicant), you just donate $109,500 for a single applicant.

That includes all processing and due diligence fees, but not the local provider fees.

The donation amount is $155,500 for you and your spouse, or $167,500 for a family of four (plus local provider fees).

The major drawback with this option is that you will not get that money back – it really is a donation. But it is still far cheaper than the real estate, business, or bonds route.

Option #2: Get a St. Lucia passport by purchasing Covid-19 relief bonds

Since Saint Lucia depends on tourism, it was hit hard by Covid-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions.

That is why for the rest of 2020, Saint Lucia is offering a new citizenship by investment option.

You can invest in Covid-19 relief bonds. This means purchasing a bond of at least $250,000 for a term of at least five years– the bond amount and time frame increase for couples, or if you are applying for citizenship for the whole family.

Nestor Alfred, CEO of Saint Lucia's CIP Program, announces COVID-19 Relief Bonds option

For example, a couple must buy a six year $250,000 bond. And a family of four can buy a five year $300,000 bond, but also have the option of a seven year $250,000 bond.

However, the bond does not pay interest.

The benefit of going this route is that, although these bonds do not bear interest, you do get your money back at the end of the five (or six or seven) years (unlike the donation option).

But you should keep in mind the risks. For example, although right now it seems unlikely, it is possible that Saint Lucia is not able to fulfill its obligation to pay back the bond and defaults.

Then consider the opportunity cost of having $250,000 tied up for five to seven years (depending on a family size), and the toll that inflation will take on the value of that cash.

Still, for some people it is worth considering. After the $250,000 bond is returned, a single applicant could buy citizenship from Saint Lucia for a total cost of $37,500– just the cost of filing fees.

And for a family of four, that’s $42,500, or just $10,625 per passport, after the bond is returned.

And that is a great deal.

These Covid-bonds are a much cheaper alternative to the other government bond options from St. Lucia.

The traditional government bond option requires investors to buy a zero-interest five year $500,000 bond for a family of four (and $567,500 in all-in costs).

Plus in 2020, requirements for dependents have been loosened. That means certain children up to 30, as well as parents as young as 55 can qualify as a dependent of the main applicant.

Option #3: Get a St. Lucia Passport By Buying a $300,000 government-approved property in St. Lucia

Ensure you know what you’re getting into before choosing a Caribbean real-estate investment option for a second passport.

Governments sometimes require you to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on an overpriced government-approved property that will likely be difficult to sell at a profit later.

Unlike, say, Antigua, where the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Eric Clapton have bought property, the former British colony of St. Lucia isn’t as star-studded.

You might still find luxury properties with beautiful views and classic mountain-studded coastline, but selling them later might prove problematic.

To qualify for St. Lucia immigration via real estate, the rules currently require you to invest at least $300,000 in a government-approved real estate project on the island and hold it for a minimum of five years.

Right now, there are only a handful of approved projects, falling into two broad categories: high-end branded hotels and high-end boutique properties.

Five years after you acquire citizenship, you can sell the property and keep your second citizenship.

Option #4: Buy a second passport by investing in an approved St. Lucian business

St. Lucia allows investors to invest money into a local business in exchange for citizenship.

The upside of this option is the potential for profit.

The downside is that it requires a substantial investment — $3.5 million directly into an eligible business as a sole investor; or via a joint investment involving at least two people totaling $6 million or more, with each investing at least $1,000,000 individually.

You also must create three jobs.

Approved categories for businesses include: restaurants; cruise ports and marinas; agro-processing plants (think: bananas); pharmaceutical products; ports, bridges, roads and highways; research institutions and facilities; and offshore universities.

St. Lucia has not approved any projects as of this writing. But even if it did, this route creates tremendous risk, as well as liabilities and taxation issues.

Are you looking for the lowest cost citizenship by investment program?

Then perhaps our highest-end membership, Total Access, could be right for you. This is where I share the best private opportunities I come across, as well as other information that is just too sensitive to put into print.

For example, we help Total Access members, obtain a fantastic second passport from St. Lucia or Antigua at the lowest price you can find anywhere, and save up to $36,000 compared to what other providers are charging.

But, we only offer this service to members of Total Access.

One of the reasons we are able to provide such a big discount is that we don’t earn a single penny from fees, commissions, etc. from these passport programs.

We do this to add serious value to the Total Access membership.

But access to the lowest cost citizenship by investment program is just one of many benefits we offer…

One of the most popular benefits of Total Access is our private investment service. Inside, we present opportunities to invest in early-stage businesses that have explosive potential.

We cover a wide range of fields– such as cannabis, AI, developing markets, etc. 

As an example, in 2015 we introduced our members to a small private company, and people were able to invest at 50 cents per share. The company went public in 2019 — and the stock price quickly rose to nearly $10, a return of nearly 20X.

Several of our members have re-invested the profits they made from our private investment deals into our citizenship-by-investment service and have saved tens of thousands of dollars.

If this sounds interesting to you, I encourage you to learn more about Total Access…

St. Lucia vs Other Options

In this section you'll learn how a St. Lucian passport stacks up against other options...

Quality of the Saint Lucia Passport - Is a Caribbean Passport worth the money?

Saint Lucia offers a decent quality passport, which ranks 82 on the Sovereign Man Passport Index, and gets a score of B-.

A St. Lucian passport gives you visa-free access to 123 countries. This includes the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Schengen Area, which is a 26-member region in Europe that allows for passport-free travel once you’re within its borders.

Other countries in the Caribbean, like St. Kitts or Antigua, — offer visa-free access to eight or nine more countries than Saint Lucia does.

And Antigua is currently the cheapest economic passport option for families, so if those factors are important to you, check out our research on those options as well– here for Antigua Citizenship By Investment and here for St. Kitts Citizenship By Investment.

Does "More Visa-Free Countries" Equal "Better Passport"?

The answer is “it depends”… on which additional countries you get and how likely you are to visit them.

For example, a passport may offer 10 additional countries, but also cost tens of thousands of dollars more. Therefore, we encourage you to think it through carefully and consider whether these additional visa-free countries are worth the cost.

To help you do this, we created a detailed Citizenship By Investment Comparison Sheet that shows you the differences in visa-free travel between all citizenship-by-investment passports.

Use this sheet to ensure you don’t overpay for a passport that doesn’t provide significantly more value.

Alternative Citizenship by Investment Programs

We have an in-depth article covering all currently available citizenship by investment programs that will give you a complete overview of all the options available to you.

But for this article, we want to highlight one other option in the Caribbean and compare it to St. Lucia’s program…

Antigua and Barbuda
Citizenship By Investment Program

The Best Value Donation Option for FAMILIES

Saint Lucia’s program is definitely the best value option for single applicants.

But in the Caribbean, the country of Antigua and Barbuda offers the cheapest second passport option for families.

To get this much cheaper economic citizenship route, you donate to Antigua’s National Development Fund (NDF).

But whereas St. Lucia’s donation option would cost a family of four $167,500, you only donate $147,200 (including all fees) for a family of four for the Antigua passport. It is another $15,000 for each additional family member.

But now in 2020, any family with at least six members (this can include parents over the age of 58) can make a donation into a fund dedicated to the expansion of the University of the West Indies.

The donation amount is just $150,000, and it increases by an additional $15,000 for each additional family member past the sixth one.

After we include all applicable government fees, then the entire cost for a family of six (with kids younger than 18) comes to $167,800.

The family option from Antigua saves you at least $20,000.

As with any donation option, the major drawback with this route is that, unlike with real estate, you will not get your money back.

Antigua also offers 8 more visa-free countries compared to St. Lucia.

Further ReadingDownload our detailed Citizenship-By-Investment Comparison Sheet to find out what option is best for you

Three Other Ways ANYONE Can Obtain a Second Passport

Economic citizenship is not for everyone. For one thing, it’s really expensive.

But it’s not just about money. Other factors – which we cover in this article on how to determine if citizenship by investment is right for you – are also important.

Still, if CBIs are too expensive, know that there are at least three other ways to obtain a second passport & citizenship:

  1. Ancestry: If you are lucky enough to have parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents from the right country, you may already be eligible for a second citizenship, by descent.
  2. Time: If you are willing to pick up and move to a new country, this option may be for you. After you obtain permanent residency in a country, you can become eligible for a  second passport through naturalization.


    This option usually takes several years, but its main advantage is that anyone can do this. And in some countries you don’t actually have to spend much time on the ground abroad to become eligible for a passport. 

  3. Flexibility: There are unconventional ways to get a second citizenship and passport, such as giving birth in a foreign country, marrying a foreign citizen or even changing your religion…


If you don’t have ancestors from Europe (citizenship by ancestry), or a few years to spare in a new country (citizenship by naturalization)… and if donating six figures won’t make a severe dent in your budget, then you should indeed consider economic citizenship.

It’s fast. It’s permanent. And your children will have it as well. Even children up to 30 could qualify, based on the relaxed requirement for dependents.

St. Lucia’s citizenship program is a solid option. You should especially consider it if you are currently single – St. Lucia is the cheapest donation option in the Caribbean for single applicants, save for Dominica’s less reputable program.

And remember, Antigua and Barbuda has a cheaper option for families.

And as we mentioned earlier, Sovereign Man Total Access members, our highest tier service, can get a St. Lucian or Antigua passport cheaper than anyone else in the world.

While the lockdowns and travel restrictions persist, you can apply for a St. Lucia passport from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Having a second passport as part of your Plan B is critical. Just look around your home country right now, and chances are you can see how civil unrest, Covid restrictions, or economic destruction could quickly spiral out of control.

You don’t want to wonder where you will go while you’re packing your bags.

You want to know where you are going, and get in no questions asked, no delays at the airport, no snafus.

Think of a Plan B as a crucial insurance policy… and the passport element one of its cornerstones.

Diversifying makes as much sense in life as it does in investing. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to think about your international options and take action… now (before the rules and/or fees change).

And even if nothing happens and you never “need” your Plan B, you’ve got a second passport from a tropical paradise.

How bad could that be?

Ready? Start your application today.

Caribbean passport donations from only $100,000.
Contact us now to request a free professional consultation.

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