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Free Reports & Guides

Perfect Plan B Guide

Learn No-Brainer Strategies to Ensure You Thrive No Matter What Happens Next:

  • Invest outside the mainstream and generate strong returns with minimal risk

  • Protect your assets and become invincible to financial crises and frivolous lawsuits

  • Legally slash your tax bill by up to $1.2 million each year

  • Obtain a valuable second passport… for free

Learn about these and many more strategies in our free Perfect Plan B Guide.

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Four Passports Anyone Can Obtain eBook

Four Passports ANYONE Can Obtain Guide

Get our free intelligence report, with detailed instructions on how ANYONE can obtain an Excellent Second Passport through residency and learn inside...

  • Which country will give you a Second Passport while spending barely any time there.

  • How to get an excellent Second Passport from Europe.

  • Which Second Passport Option is the most affordable and best value.

  • Where you can get a valuable Second Passport in less than HALF the time compared to other countries.

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Ultimate Offshore Banking Guide

Learn everything you would ever need to know about opening an ultra-safe Offshore Bank account:

  • How to determine if a bank is safe or not (The exact step-by-step process our own analysts use)

  • Our favorite transactional account that’s perfect for international business people & digital nomads

  • And much, much more in this 152-page PDF

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IRA - Threats & Solutions Report Cover

IRA - Threats & Solutions Report

Learn how to liberate your retirement savings with a genius structure.

Inside you will learn:

  • The five threats your current IRA is facing and how to solve them

  • How to take back control over your own money

  • How to invest in lucrative areas outside of drastically overvalued stock markets, such as Precious Metals, Real Estate, Private Businesses and much more

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Puerto Rico Tax Report

Puerto Rico Tax Reduction Report

Learn how you can drastically and legally slash your taxes with Puerto Rico's tax incentives:

  • Business Owners & Entrepreneurs: Reduce your corporate tax rate to just 4% and pay 0% on dividends

  • Day Traders and Investors: Slash your investment income tax to 0%

This is completely legal and especially attractive for Americans, but it’s possible for any nationality to capitalize on the tax incentives in Puerto Rico.
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Free Actionable Videos


Case Study: A Perfect Plan B

A real life example of how one of our premium members has structured his Plan B.

  • How to protect yourself from problems in the banking and monetary system

  • How to liberate your retirement structure with a genius strategy

  • How you can generate exceptional returns by investing in private businesses

  • An example of how to trade overvalued dollars for high-quality, undervalued assets

  • Much more...


Why You Need a Plan B & How To Build One

Simon Black explains what a Plan B is and how you can build one that’s right for you:

  • The obvious threats you are facing right now

  • A real-life example of how a highly prosperous country's system collapsed within a few days

  • Strategies to mitigate those risks… including building a Perfect Plan B that makes sense no matter what

  • Much more...


Step-By-Step: How to Build a Perfect Plan B

In this in-depth presentation on how to get started building a Plan B, you will learn...

  • Why it's critical to have a Plan B (today more than ever)

  • The 5 steps you should consider taking and which ones you should take first

  • The steps Simon Black personally took to build his Plan B

  • Why these strategies are NOT just for the super wealthy

At the end of this video you will have a very clear idea about the threats you face and precisely which actions to take to solve them.

Value Investing: How to Identify the Most Compelling Investments on the Planet

In this video you will learn how to think like an astute investor:

  • How successful investors make sure they NEVER overpay (and why...)

  • How to analyze a deal to ensure that you can generate strong returns while taking minimal risk

  • Why conventional valuation metrics are deeply flawed

  • Two little known, but critical, metrics Simon Black looks at when considering an investment

Once you understand these factors, you’ll never look at investments the same way ever again.

A Personal Introduction

Simon Black introduces himself and Sovereign Man at our office in Santiago, Chile and shows you...

  • Two simple strategies that will help you significantly reduce your exposure to the inherent risk in the system

  • Why it doesn't make sense to buy US stocks right now and what to do instead

  • Sovereign Man's ethos summarized in just one quote from Bruce Lee

  • A walk through Sovereign Man's headquarters where most of our 127 team members work across our five businesses

  • Much more...


Sovereign Valley Farm

Get a rare glimpse of Simon's personal organic farm, and learn more about Sovereign Man's philosophy.

  • Why you should always implement solutions that make sense no matter what

  • How Simon Black applies this principle to investing

  • Much more...


The World Is NOT Coming To An End

Learn why there is no reason to panic.

Yes, there are some significant risks in the system and it's important to take simple, logical steps to mitigate those risks.

But the world is NOT coming to an end and there is no reason to panic.

This video will calm any fears you might have from reading hysterical “predictions” elsewhere on the Internet… as well show you how you can take back your power and put your mind at ease.

The Universal Law of Prosperity

In this short video Simon Black reveals the Law of Prosperity and explains how Governments around the world are violating it.

Your Country is Bankrupt

The uncomfortable truth is that if you are from a rich, developed, western nation, your government is probably bankrupt.

In this video, Simon explains what this means for you.

Our Modern Banking System

Learn how absurd our modern banking system is, and why you should reconsider keeping all of your savings in it.

The Importance Of Physical Cash

Learn how you can significantly reduce your counter-party risk by keeping a portion of your savings in physical cash.

Consider Owning Physical Gold

Learn why it is important that you own real, physical gold, and how it can protect you in a crisis.
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