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Dominican Republic Passport Ranking

Dominican Republic
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Visa-free Countries

Provides access to the world's share of...

19% GDP
34% Surface Area
27% Population
27% UNESCO Sights

Visa-free access to the most attractive countries

United States
United Kingdom

Passport Quality

A "C-" passport is a is a fair travel document that provides access to many countries in Latin America and South East Asia (among other regions), A “C-” passport does NOT provide access to the Schengen area or most of the developed world. To receive a "C-" grade a passport must have a Travel Freedom score between 50 and 67.

Additional Analysis:
The Travel Freedom score of this passport is 20%-50% lower than its simple count of visa-free countries. It means that this passport fails to provide access to the world's most attractive countries.

How to get this passport

A passport from the Dominican Republic is not among the best travel documents in the world.

Still, obtaining residency and a citizenship in this tropical paradise could be a great option for your plan B, especially if you are a retiree.

Sovereign Man: Confidential subscribers can review the report on how to obtain legal residency and a subsequent citizenship in the Dominican Republic.

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Passport Visa Type Visa Free Attractiveness Nominal GDP (millions of US$) GDP per capita (US$) Population (in millions) UNESCO Sights

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