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Welcome to the Sovereign Man podcast, a podcast about personal liberty and financial prosperity.

Listen in as Simon Black and guests such as Peter Schiff and Jim Rickards talk about the fraudulent monetary system, gold, how to secure your future prosperity, and more.

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miguelin m from United States
New to the show. LOVE what you’re doing 5 stars!
great .,mn from United States
This is one of my favorite podcasts. I was upset as I thought Simon was not doing them anymore. Luckily, I saw one finally come in. These podcasts are a great listen. Please don’t wait another 3 months!!
Yogi App User from United States
I've been a subscriber of Sovereign Man since 2009 and Simon Black's clear sighted, passionate and straight talking advice and info is such a breath of fresh air from the misinformation and ignorance of mainstream media. It amazes me how 'sheep-like' most people are and it pains me the vast majority of the population are sitting ducks. I've seen his popularity grow which is an excellent sign that at least some folks are waking up. You won't regret giving these a listen.
tkarasi from United States
This is one for every entrepreneurs podcast library. Simon Black has an intense passion for history, the big picture, and pursuing an alternative way of doing things.
Badass Biz Coach from Canada
Outstanding delivery of solid content. Ex-military myself, and embittered by the myriad irresponsible acts of government, I find great actionable advice in Simon's podcast. Thank you, and keep it up! R M Davies CD, MBA
GoGriz from United States
Enjoyed it very much. I liked the format and the history stories. I hope things are ok and Simon finds the time to do more soon! If not, thanks for what you have done and good luck with things!
lil smexxi jay13 from United States
Simon has a great way of sharing the truth to motivate and awaken the hungry American! What an inspiration! Thank you Simon!
jpbearit from United States
The Sovereign Man has been a weekly sermon on liberty and responsibility. The freedom movement has a few good voices, but Simon Black is our preacher. Amen. ;)
Wallace Freid from United States
Simon makes a lot of thought-provoking commentary and provides actionable information on diversification outside the U.S. Solid stuff.
geostrophi from United States
Of all the free market oriented podcasts I have heard, I learn the most from this one, from Simon Black. He knows Austrian Economics, he knows History, he knows whats happening politically, and how to place it in context. The guy knows his stuff. Listening to this podcast is an education. Highly recommended.
BosReader from United States
The perspective Simon brings us in this podcast is invaluable. Everyone that cares about anyone needs to listen to what this man has to say.
Nikmaha from Canada
From Simon's voice you can tell his passion and you can tell he's knowledgful beyond state boundaries. Its a priviledge to receive his international perspectives on matters. Glad i found a light. Listener from Canada.
mmore55 from Canada
Listen and learn. Great perspective on the world and the economy and how to best navigate your way. Love the blog as well.
mercury2269 from United States
This type of valuable information you dont come accross in every day business podcasts. I like how author is able to explain the subject in easy to understand manner with relative historical references. It's kinda scary with what we are faced with as US citizens but at least we have people like Simon who are not afraid to speak up and help others.
LimeyOnTheMove from United Kingdom
Many of the messages the Sovereign Man delivers at first glance appear to be paranoid sensationalism but when you listen more carefully they are generally coming from people with credibility and based on research and data that is qualified. Most of us have a feeling deep down that teh financial system is deeply fractured and things are worse than everyone tells us, these podcasts might put a little meat on the bones of those gut feelings.
Peggy Murrah from United States
I have been a fan of Simon Black for a while. On finding out about the podcasts, I had to check them out myself. I was not disappointed. He always delivers good information which is dependable. He delivered the goods again.
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Latest Podcast Episodes

Episode #91:

One of the most important issues of our time

On Monday, I shared a recording from aboard the Investor Summit at Sea, hosted by my friends, the Real Estate Guys.

This is one of the only conferences I attend each year as a speaker. And that’s because I get so much value from the other speakers and attendees – guys like Chris Martenson,[...]

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Episode #90:

Can’t miss podcast – Recorded live from the 2018 Investor Summit at Sea

I’m writing you today from a cruise ship, on my way to Puerto Rico.

Every year, I get together with some of the smartest guys in finance and investing for my friends, the Real Estate Guys, Investor Summit at Sea.

I almost never speak at conferences outside of Sovereign Man events. But I[...]

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Episode #89:

FFS… please send China a fruit basket

I was in the gym earlier today trying to ward off the effects of trans-Pacific travel and 12 hours of time zone changes when the news flashed across the TV that the US government was issuing another round of tariffs against China.

This may be the dumbest move they could possibly make.


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Episode #88:

The dangerous, false logic of “Common Sense”

On the morning of May 18, 1927 in Bath Township, Michigan, a 55-year old municipal worker named Andrew Kehoe used a timed detonator to set off a bomb he had planted at the local school.

Kehoe was Treasurer of the School Board, so he had unfettered access to the school.

According to friends[...]

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Episode #87:

You won’t want to miss this crypto podcast

As I write this, bitcoin is trading at $8,600.

That's down more than 50% from the December highs of $20,000.

But is this selloff a natural correction, or something to be worried about?

That's one of the questions I ask my guest Tama Churchouse in today's podcast.

Tama was an investment[...]

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Episode #86:

The only sector that offers value today

In today’s podcast, I talk with our Chief Investment Strategist, Tim Staermose, about the global economy.

We’re in the midst of one of the longest economic expansions in history. Most assets are trading at all-time highs. Meanwhile, debt is also at all-time highs.

But we don’t have a crystal ball… this boom could[...]

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Episode #85:

Don’t ignore looming catastrophes… take action

In today’s podcast, we discuss the recent crypto meltdown (led by Ripple) and how it plays into our recent theme of avoiding huge mistakes.

Here’s the thing about big mistakes… they’re usually obvious and avoidable.

Like when the Social Security Board of Trustees told the world in its 2017 report that[...]

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Episode #84:

Important Update; Why you should want a second passport

My colleague, Sean Goldsmith, just returned from a tour of the Caribbean.

He met with several local governments about their ‘citizenship by investment’ programs – a way to receive a passport by donating money or investing in local businesses or real estate.

If you have the means, this is probably the quickest and[...]

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Episode #83:

An insider’s view on the gold versus cryptocurrency debate

In today’s podcast, I chatted with Silver Bullion’s founder Gregor Gregersen.

Silver Bullion is a precious metals storage company based in Singapore.

While here in Singapore, Gregor and I discussed why the gold versus Bitcoin debate is misguided. It’s not an either-or proposition.

Instead, with systemic risks in the financial system, the[...]

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Episode #82:

The two things that can pop the ICO bubble

In today’s podcast, I tackle the subject of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

Regular readers know I’m skeptical of cryptocurrencies. And I think many ICOs are outright frauds.

We’ve seen celebrities like Paris Hilton, Jamie Fox and Floyd Mayweather all endorse ICOs. A friend of mine who’s raising money in an ICO even told[...]

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