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Welcome to the Sovereign Man podcast, a podcast about personal liberty and financial prosperity.

Listen in as Simon Black and guests such as Peter Schiff and Jim Rickards talk about the fraudulent monetary system, gold, how to secure your future prosperity, and more.

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tkarasi from United States
This is one for every entrepreneurs podcast library. Simon Black has an intense passion for history, the big picture, and pursuing an alternative way of doing things.
Badass Biz Coach from Canada
Outstanding delivery of solid content. Ex-military myself, and embittered by the myriad irresponsible acts of government, I find great actionable advice in Simon's podcast. Thank you, and keep it up! R M Davies CD, MBA
GoGriz from United States
Enjoyed it very much. I liked the format and the history stories. I hope things are ok and Simon finds the time to do more soon! If not, thanks for what you have done and good luck with things!
lil smexxi jay13 from United States
Simon has a great way of sharing the truth to motivate and awaken the hungry American! What an inspiration! Thank you Simon!
jpbearit from United States
The Sovereign Man has been a weekly sermon on liberty and responsibility. The freedom movement has a few good voices, but Simon Black is our preacher. Amen. ;)
Wallace Freid from United States
Simon makes a lot of thought-provoking commentary and provides actionable information on diversification outside the U.S. Solid stuff.
geostrophi from United States
Of all the free market oriented podcasts I have heard, I learn the most from this one, from Simon Black. He knows Austrian Economics, he knows History, he knows whats happening politically, and how to place it in context. The guy knows his stuff. Listening to this podcast is an education. Highly recommended.
BosReader from United States
The perspective Simon brings us in this podcast is invaluable. Everyone that cares about anyone needs to listen to what this man has to say.
Nikmaha from Canada
From Simon's voice you can tell his passion and you can tell he's knowledgful beyond state boundaries. Its a priviledge to receive his international perspectives on matters. Glad i found a light. Listener from Canada.
mmore55 from Canada
Listen and learn. Great perspective on the world and the economy and how to best navigate your way. Love the blog as well.
mercury2269 from United States
This type of valuable information you dont come accross in every day business podcasts. I like how author is able to explain the subject in easy to understand manner with relative historical references. It's kinda scary with what we are faced with as US citizens but at least we have people like Simon who are not afraid to speak up and help others.
LimeyOnTheMove from United Kingdom
Many of the messages the Sovereign Man delivers at first glance appear to be paranoid sensationalism but when you listen more carefully they are generally coming from people with credibility and based on research and data that is qualified. Most of us have a feeling deep down that teh financial system is deeply fractured and things are worse than everyone tells us, these podcasts might put a little meat on the bones of those gut feelings.
Peggy Murrah from United States
I have been a fan of Simon Black for a while. On finding out about the podcasts, I had to check them out myself. I was not disappointed. He always delivers good information which is dependable. He delivered the goods again.
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Latest Podcast Episodes

Episode #74:

Unbelievable facts from the US government's own financial reports

Yesterday I told you that the US government had recently released its annual financial report to the public.

And the numbers are pretty gruesome.

For example, the government’s “net loss” in fiscal year 2016 more than doubled, from MINUS $467 billion to MINUS $1 trillion.

It’s astonishing that anyone could manage to[...]

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Episode #73:

How to identify the most compelling investments on the planet

[Editor’s note: We have made this content available as an audio and video podcast, but I encourage you to watch the video with the slides.]

In the video I mention a preview issue of our 4th Pillar Investment Service.
Click here to download it.

For most of the past week, we’ve[...]

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Episode #72:

“Copper is the new oil” and other views on the future of energy

One of my interesting friends is in town visiting Chile for a few days.

His name is Gianni-- he's originally from Croatia but lives in Vancouver, and has spent most of his career in the mining business.

Gianni is especially bullish on copper… primarily because he thinks the Age of Big Oil is[...]

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Episode #71:

How can anyone trust these people?

What I’m about to tell you is a true story.

And by the end of it, I hope it will be pretty clear that we’ve been programmed to put far, far too much trust in the banking system.

We’re told that banks are supposedly “risk free”.

And yet every scrap of publicly[...]

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Episode #70:

There’s no reason I should be alive right now

One of the most profound moments of my entire adult life came to me when I was learning about my family history, which I’ve managed to trace back over eight centuries.

I discovered so many incredible stories from the past, and the indelible conclusion that I’ve reached is that it’s an absolute miracle that[...]

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Episode #69:

Tim Price on the Brexit investment opportunities

I’ve never been so happy to be so wrong.

Britain’s referendum on whether or not to stay part of the European Union was marred by some of the most blatant propaganda we’ve seen in the West in a very, very long time.

But… at the end of the day, the British government at[...]

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Episode #68:

Now is the time to be looking at the world’s ‘forgotten’ precious metal

In our daily conversations, we regularly discuss how important it is to own real assets-- especially precious metals.

There’s so much risk in the financial system right now. Just consider your own bank account, for example.

If you’re in the West, more than likely your bank is -extremely- illiquid, meaning that they only[...]

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Episode #67:

You don’t expect a disaster like this until it happens.

No one likes to pay for insurance.

If you don’t smoke, if you go to the gym regularly, and if you generally eat well, it just might not seem worth it.

Especially when the average cost of insuring against just catastrophic health incidents can take up about 4% of your income.


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Episode #66:

Guess how it much it cost to build America

I come to New York City every year because it’s where the annual meeting of the Atlas 400 group is held.

If you’ve not heard of Atlas, it’s a social club… primarily for like-minded, high achieving, self-made individuals.

I always go out of my way to attend the annual meeting because the other[...]

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Episode #65:

Why is this country so poor?

“What is it about this place that makes it so poor?”

It was a simple question posed to me by a friend as we walked the streets of Managua, Nicaragua earlier this week.

Nicaragua is a lovely place. But it’s poor. Very poor. It’s the least developed economy in Central America... and that’s[...]

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