The Sovereign Man Podcast

Episode #65:

Why is this country so poor?

“What is it about this place that makes it so poor?”

It was a simple question posed to me by a friend as we walked the streets of Managua, Nicaragua earlier this week.

Nicaragua is a lovely place. But it’s poor. Very poor. It’s the least developed economy in Central America... and that’s[...]

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Episode #64:

If a porn star says its bad, it must be bad

The Internet practically exploded this morning after a detailed report was published proving that dozens of corrupt politicians around the world have been stealing public funds and hiding the loot overseas.

In other news, the Pope is Catholic.

Not to make light of this, but this hardly comes as a surprise. There’s some[...]

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Episode #63:

How I’m trying to help a desperate family member

Yesterday I received a rather desperate phone call from a relative of mine named Sam.

I used to spend a LOT of time with Sam growing up. And back then he was an amazing guy.

Sam was the kind of person who was so charismatic that you felt happy and excited just being[...]

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Episode #62:

This is how World War III starts—it will be financial

In his History of the Peloponnesian War, ancient Greek historian Thucydides told us the tale of a dominant regional power (Sparta) that felt threatened by the rise of a competing power (Athens).

Sparta felt so threatened, in fact, that all the moves they made to keep the Athenian rise in check eventually escalated the[...]

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Episode #61:

Young people definitely listen to this [audio]

It’s no secret that the conventional model of success no longer works.

Go to school, get good grades, get a good job, work your way up the ladder, and then enjoy life when you retire.

This idea has been drummed into our heads since we were young, but today it’s totally defunct.


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Episode #60:

Open your high-risk savings account today!

I remember several years ago in the Land of the Free when the big wave in the banking industry was to offer “free checking”.

There used to be a time (that a lot of people probably don’t remember) when banks charged monthly or annual fees to maintain your bank account.

This changed several[...]

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Episode #59:

Don’t count on banks and governments to go gentle into that good night…

Pop quiz: What was the top grossing movie in the world the last time the US tax code was overhauled?

The answer is Top Gun. And the year was 1986.

(Other major hits that year include Karate Kid II, Crocodile Dundee, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

Think about it-- this a tax[...]

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Episode #58:

The best kept secret in finance (with Tim Price)

This week I’ve been down in Southern Chile with the Board of Directors of our agricultural company.

It’s summertime right now, and the weather is absolutely gorgeous.

Last night, after a long day visiting one of the farms I had a chance to sit down with Tim Price to share a bottle of[...]

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Episode #57:

Here’s how to hedge the massive risks in the banking system

It started in 1921.

World War I was over. The Treaty of Versailles had been signed two years before.

And Germany, the biggest loser from the war, had been stuck with both the blame and the bill.

Germany’s war debt-- which it owed not only for its own war-related expenses, but also[...]

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Episode #56:

Emotional decisions are almost always bad decisions

I want to tell you about a time when I was really scared. Terrified.

It was back in 2003, right as George W. Bush made his final decision to send the 'coalition of the willing' north into Iraq.

Saddam Hussein knew he was finished. And, in a fit of desperation, he started launching[...]

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