Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars by Legally Reducing your Taxes

Taking legal steps to reduce your taxes is the highest return on investment you’ll ever make.

In this overview you'll learn why reducing your taxes is in fact your moral and patriotic duty.

And on top of that you’ll discover simple, no-brainer strategies that could save you tens of thousands of dollars every year.

Think about it-- cutting your tax burden can basically boost your investment return by 10%, 20%, or more, without taking on any risk.

You’ll never generate that kind of return so easily anywhere else.

I know this is a bold proclamation, and maybe you think lowering your tax burden is immoral and unpatriotic.

Let’s start with the obvious. It’s not exactly a controversial statement to suggest that governments waste an unbelievable amount of money.

In the United States a few years ago, for example, the federal government’s National Institutes of Health blew through millions of dollars in taxpayer funds… to observe monkeys vomiting and defecating in exercise balls.

Then there was the $1 billion that the US military spent to destroy $16 billion worth of perfectly good ammunition.

And, of course, the $2 billion Obamacare website fiasco.

In 2016 alone their net loss more than doubled to $1.0 trillion compared to 2015. And that’s during a “good year” when there were no major wars, recessions, or crises to fight.

There are countless other examples. It just never stops.

They’ve spent billions of dollars to wage wars, invade other nations, and pay for drone strikes that ‘accidentally’ destroyed schools and children’s hospitals.

The reality is that there’s very little you can do about this.

If you have misgivings about how the government squanders your money, then your only recourse is to reduce the amount that you pay them.

I’m a former military guy, a war veteran, and I fail to see how ‘patriotism’ has anything to do with this.

Does anyone seriously believe that ‘patriotism’ is defined by the amount of money you throw into a failing system?

Or that it’s somehow ‘unpatriotic’ to follow the law and take legal steps to reduce what you owe?

Are people being unpatriotic when they maximize their IRA contributions, or when they cross a state line to buy their car and save on sales taxes, or when they shop in a duty-free store?

No. They’re being sensible.

Cutting your tax bill is a sensible thing to do.

Rather than continue to finance wars, ballooning debt, body scanners and drone strikes, you can put that money to work in a way that actually benefits yourself, your family, and anyone else you choose.

Each year, I put my own tax savings to work in a variety of productive ways.

I’ve financed the recovery of a village in Nepal that was devastated by an earthquake.

I paid more than $70,000 to fund an experimental surgery for a disabled veteran who lost his leg in Afghanistan.

(As a result of the procedure, he was able to dance at his wedding, and he has participated in a 5K race.)

I’m currently putting a promising young orphan through school.

Additionally, I co-founded, and regularly fund, a charity that provides entrepreneurship education to young people each and every year.

All of these things are possible because I’ve applied perfectly legitimate provisions in the tax code to reduce the amount that I owe.

So instead of my money going to pay for more war and more waste, the funds are put to much better use... where I can see real, tangible, positive results in people’s lives.

Whatever your situation, there are always plenty of legal options to reduce what you owe… and hence put that savings to work in far more beneficial ways.

I invite you to explore the morality of legally reducing your taxes, and the no-brainer strategies to achieve that goal, in the articles below.