Brazil’s government creates 46 new tax rules EVERY DAY

One of the truest aphorisms in the world of investing is that Brazil is the country with the MOST potential… and always will be.

There are few other countries on the planet blessed with such an abundance of resources—fertile land, plenty of water, a huge population, incalculable mineral and natural resource wealth, etc.

And yet Brazil can’t ever seem to get out of its own way to realize its potential.

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Brazil builds its own fiber optic network to avoid the NSA

November 11, 2014
Santiago, Chile

This past week Brazil announced that it will be building a 3,500-mile fiber-optic cable to Portugal in order to avoid the grip of the NSA.

What’s more, they announced that not a penny of the $185 million expected to be spent on the project will go to American firms, simply because they don’t want to take any chances that the US government will tap the system.

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How to get a second passport: four options that anyone can obtain

We like to think of the solutions we provide here at Sovereign Man as seatbelts—common sense tools you might never need it, but could save your life in a real emergency.

If you live, work, bank, own property, invest, structure a business, store gold, etc. all in the same country of your citizenship, you’re at mercy of the political climate of one single jurisdiction.

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Lifestyle arbitrage: Meet the 600 single Brazilian women trapped in a small town with no men

September 8, 2014
Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile

When Ferdinand Magellan and his men arrived in the harbor of Rio de Janeiro in 1519, throngs of naked native women swam out into the surf to greet them.

Having spent the previous months battling through the brutal waters of the Atlantic, this was certainly a welcome sight.

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Set your child up for life with a second citizenship: 5 places to have a baby

August 28, 2014
Bangkok, Thailand

For many people, where we are born has a tremendous impact on our lives.

For example, being born in certain countries might mean that we are obliged to serve in the military, or go fight and die in some foreign war.

In others, it might mean that we are required to pay taxes on our worldwide income, even if we don’t even set foot in that country.
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Questions: renouncing US citizenship, postal mail for PTs

June 18, 2010
Madrid, Spain

Long haul flights from South America generally tend to leave in the evening, usually between 7pm and 1am. The airlines do this so that you arrive first thing in the morning and can catch any connecting flight you may need... which is nice for travelers.

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The next richest man in the world is Brazilian

June 17, 2010
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I'm dashing off to the airport this afternoon to catch my flight to Europe... but I wanted to leave you with a few final notes about Brazil.

First, to properly set your expectations, Brazil is not poor-- it's not some third world country where everyone is grateful that foreigners have arrived to sprinkle their pocket change. A typical university graduate in Brazil, for instance, can expect[...] Click here to continue reading

Obtaining a Brazilian passport

June 16, 2010
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Crime and Poverty in Rio de Janeiro

June 15, 2010
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Here's the best way that I can describe Rio de Janeiro-- it's what you get when you mix the gorgeous vistas of Vancouver with the beach culture of Miami, the chaos and squalor of Mexico City, and the carefree attitude of the Caribbean.

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The biggest reason to consider Brazil

June 14, 2010
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It's nice to be back in Brazil again... if you haven't been to this country, I highly recommend that you check it out.

Brazil is one of the largest countries on earth in terms of both land mass and population (over 200 million); consequently, there is tremendous diversity. The capital city of Brasilia is completely different than the tourism hub of Rio de Janeiro, which is[...] Click here to continue reading