An International Man’s View of Finance

Money is a tool that can provide tremendous personal freedom; consequently, the acquisition of wealth is a worthy and noble endeavor.  As global investors and entrepreneurs, we are constantly finding compelling business and investment opportunities that are based upon boots on the ground intelligence coupled with a solid assessment of macro trends.

We make investment decisions not by looking at technical charts from the comfort of an air conditioned office, but with beads of sweat running down our foreheads in the middle of a Latin American heat wave inspecting a company’s facilities. We get to know the management, the workers, the competitors, the books… we invest as if we were buying the entire company and our lives depended on its future success.

Needless to say, we pick woefully undervalued companies with intelligent, aggressive management in high growth industries that operate in countries with solid macroeconomic fundamentals.  This is no easy task, and explains why we’re on the road a lot.

We’ve found some real gems. A recent recommendation was a London-traded Chinese cement company that tripled its share price in four months.  We also find some fantastic private investments—real estate speculations with excellent demographic fundamentals, venture capital deals, and a laundry list of really compelling overseas business opportunities.