I thought you had to see this

You’ll be pleased to know that the US Congress has as its vision for the US to compete with the likes of Bangladesh and Cambodia on the world economic stage.

The American Textile Technology Innovation and Research for Exportation Act (ATTIRE—see what they did there?) has as its goal to support innovation and research in the US textile and fiber products industry by establishing a public grant program.

Yes, spending taxpayer money to strive for underwear with a “Made in the USA” label is the way to go.

Meanwhile, the International Labor Organization released a report painting a very grim picture for the European Union and its labor market. Because of high unemployment – and especially its extremely high occurrence among the young – the EU faces the highest risk of social unrest, such as strikes and riots, than anywhere else in the world.

Like with most of Europe’s problems, the risk here is not evenly spread either. Countries with the highest risk of social unrest are Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain.

Central planning is all the rage today. When the financial markets are more concerned about what the chairman of a central bank is going to stutter than anything else, it makes you wonder.

The proposed Rebuild American Manufacturing Act continues in this fashion. The bill requires the President to “develop a comprehensive national manufacturing strategy”.

5-year plans and all? Stalin must be smiling. Especially when he sees a provision in the bill that requires “a survey of all persons with headquarters in the United States that maintain manufacturing facilities outside the United States.”

Come back to the motherland.

The bottom line is that there are hundreds upon hundreds of pages of new regulations and legislation proposed and enacted EVERY DAY in the United States alone.

Each of them adds up to the enormous list of laws and rules that dictate what we can and can’t do and profoundly impact our personal and economic freedom.

Of course, hardly any of it gets reported in the mainstream media. That’s why I have an entire team dedicated to combing through this mountain of material that comes out every single day.

Join me and other Liberty Alert Service subscribers and get clear and concise intelligence delivered to you each week on critical threats to your wealth, health and freedom.

By being a subscriber you’ll know immediately when a law is proposed that will affect your freedom and encroach on your liberty, so that you can act before the law is passed.

You’ll be able to determine when enough is enough and the time has come for you to act, while you still have time to act.

You may reach your breaking point when Congress proposes more of your taxpayer money to be spent on ridiculous and welfare expanding programs.

Or when the government unilaterally allows the military to declare martial law without presidential approval, as has happened just recently.

Or perhaps when a provision gets sneaked into a recent spending bill that prevents courts from banning the sale, distribution and use of GMO seeds, even if they turn out to have harmful effects.

It’s almost impossible to stay on top of all these developments around the world on your own.

Try out Liberty Alert Service risk free and find out why it has become one of the most expected Sunday emails for its subscribers. It’s like having your own private intelligence staff… for just $9 per month.

Remember, there are two ways to sleep well at night—be ignorant, or be prepared.

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James Hickman (aka Simon Black) is an international investor, entrepreneur, and founder of Sovereign Man. His free daily e-letter Notes from the Field is about using the experiences from his life and travels to help you achieve more freedom, make more money, keep more of it, and protect it all from bankrupt governments.

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